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History and Origins: In the wake of the Cuban missile crisis, the United Nations Security Council unanimously decided that the world had come far to close to global thermonuclear war, and that it was the duty of the United Nations to do something about it.  The Security Council authorized the creation of two special enforcement bodies: Checkmate and the Global Guardians.  Checkmate's purpose was to act as peacekeepers and enforcers of international law.  The Guardians were there to put a stop to things that normal law enforcement couldn't handle.

Leader: Achilles

Area of Operation: Worldwide

Goals: Defend the Earth from all threats, internal and external.  Prevent catastrophe and disaster when possible.

Inter-Group Relations: On an individual basis, the Global Guardians get along pretty well with one another, though during off-hours the team does tend to split into a few distinct groups.  Achilles, Gunmetal, and Guardsman, all being former military men with similar attitudes, tend to enjoy each other's company and will generally spend more time together in their off hours than with the others playing golf or fishing.  Los Hermanos, Bungie, and Nordkapp Man, being less straight-laced and easy going than the others, and can often be seen bar-hopping in various cities around the world during their off hours. 

Arachne, Tachyon, and Ultra-Man tend to be a bit stand-offish regarding their teammates.  It isn't that they are unfriendly or unwilling to spend time with the others; rather, each of the "loners" has a completely different personal perspective that separates them.  Arachne is dedicated to the task given her by Athena, and thus feels uncomfortable when she's not working on it, even though she knows Athena would not begrudge her a personal life (Bungie is constantly trying to get Arachne to join her, Hermanos, and Nordkapp Man on one of their party excursions, and is on the brink of actually succeeding.)  Ultra-Man has the tastes and attitudes you might expect from a man born in 1914, and thus has little in common with his teammates.  His downtime is generally spent helping farmers in the mid-west, or staying at home and watching old movies from the 30s and 40s on DVD.  And Tachyon, being a Mangani gorilla, simply has trouble relating to her human companions.  He's trying to fix that, though.

Reputation: The Global Guardians are respected by nearly every law enforcement body on the planet as an effective team of crime-fighters.  There are occasionally hard feelings and resistance regarding the Guardians mandate to fight crime everywhere, regardless of jurisdiction, but in general full cooperation is given by the national and local governments.







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