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British hero Excalibur (real name Bryan Lewis, 1939-2001) was the original leader of the Global Guardians from it's inception until 1970, when he was succeeded by Apollo.  His powers stemmed from an enchanted suit of armor and a magical sword he claimed was King Arthur's legendary weapon.  After retirement, he returned to his home in England to spend more time with his family.  He died of natural causes at age 62.

The Flower Lady

A frequent guest on Late Night With David Letterman, the Flower Lady (real name Rosanne DiTillo) was a minor superhuman who could create sprays of flower petals out of thin air.  She was featured in People Magazine in April of 1995, two months before her death from natural causes, and had a small but loyal fan base.

Flying Cars

Since 1974, when General Motors released the Arrowsmith, described in advertising as a "VTOL Coupe", there have been affordable flying passenger cars.  While they are priced slightly higher than standard cars, they still fall within the realm of reasonable affordability.  The cars run on efficient, JP4 fueled internal combustion engines, have a range of several hundred miles between refueling, and can hold four passengers in some comfort.  However, the trunk spaces of these cars leave much to be desired.


A derogatory slang term referring to any Metahuman who has an inhuman or monstrous appearance.  Generally not used to refer to aliens, robots, or sentient apes.

Frostbite City

A growing "city" started by a coalition of American, Swiss, and French corporations, this colony is the permanent residence of 25,000 men, women, and children.  Located at McMurdo Sound, Frostbite City started its existence as a Lunar Colony Test Station.  Pressurized, self-sufficient, and with living space for 200 persons, the Test Station was used to perfect technology and procedures still used in the space colonies.  After later being used as the Mars Colony Test Station, the International Space Agency sold the facility to a multinational conglomerate in 1986.  It has since expanded it into the city it is today, housing almost 13,000 people.