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A slang term referring to any superhero, regardless of whether or not the hero in question actually wears a cape..


A slang term referring to a child of a metahuman who, though their parents changed genetic code has been passed on to them, do not possess active metahuman powers.  The Centers for Disease Control roughly estimate that only one third of all "caterpillars" will ever "turn into butterflies" and gain powers of their own.

The Chinese Breeding Program

In 1995, the United Nations uncovered evidence that the People's Republic of China had, for the previous 24 years, been following a program of breeding together metagene-positives. The ultimate goal of this program was to create a virtual army of superhumans, all trained and answerable to the Chinese government. The subjects of the program were bred together using the same processes by which dog or horse breeders improve their stock. The ultimate success rate of this program is unknown, but it is suspected that it wasn't as high as the Chinese government expected. Tales of unknown superhumans rampaging through small Chinese villages and of unexpected military purges have been escaping China since 1976.

All attempts to sanction the Chinese government were vetoed by various members of the UN Security Council.

The Church of Jesus Christ, Metahuman

This religious faith, which most non-believers consider to be little better than a cult, is strongest in the United States and Canada, but has adherents in Europe and Asia as well. The Church of Jesus Christ Superhuman teaches that Jesus was a Metahuman who will one day return from his "sojourn" with an advanced alien society somewhere in space. The group believes that Metahumans are God's appointed messengers, heralding Christ's imminent return to Earth. There are several well-known Metahumans, both hero and villain, who are professed followers of this faith..

The Claranxi

The Claranxi (pronounced "klarr-AINKS-zee") on Earth are a former Xorn slave-species who have been freed or had escaped during the Xorn Invasion of 1984.  As Xorn slaves, they were used as manual labor and personal servants.  The Claranxi (the word is the same for singular and plural) originate from a small and overcrowded planet some 32 light years from Earth.  The atmosphere on the planet is almost identical to Earth's apart from a slightly less percentage of oxygen.

While most human beings see the Claranxi homogenously, the truth is that they are actually two separate, related species that come from the same homeworld.  The Du-Claranxi (pronounced doo-klarr-AINKS-zee) are big, broad muscular feline like humanoids resembling a mountain lion facially.  They are between 1.6 and 1.9 meters tall, and possess a short tail.  The Shi-Claranxi (pronounced shee-klarr-AINKS-zee) are smaller and more human like.  They tend to vary from 1.4 to 1.7 meters in height and are very agile and graceful.  They have much longer tails.  One issue of Star Weekly magazine summed up the differences between the two by calling them "Lion Men and Cheetah Men", though of course such labels are over-simplifications.

For both species, fur and hair color range from almost white to auburn.  Eyes are usually green or violet, but some examples of blue and brown exist.  Both species have slightly elliptical pupils.  They have pointed ears that tend to point up through the mane of hair.  They also have very flexible spines which help them to land on their feet from falls.  Both races have two hearts and other biological differences compared to humans.

Both races are quite short lived.  Interestingly, neither age gradually but tend to be close to perfect physical condition from adolescence until they reach 50 to 55 years of age.  They decline in health extremely quickly at this point and usually die within a year of the first stages of old age appearing.


Code 1377 - Charlie Alpha Pappa Echo Sierra.

Code 13-77 CAPES is a police radio code introduced by the Detroit police department in 1982 that has since been adopted by all major law enforcement agencies in the United States.  The code means "Major Metahuman Altercation in a Densely Populated Civilian Area.  Call For Immediate Evacuation".

The Damocles Directive

The Damocles Directive was created by executive order by Ronald Reagan in the aftermath of the Xorn Invasion.  The National Security Advisor Robert MacFarlane advised the President of several new technologies now in American control, and the efforts of the Earthís Metahuman population.  In his brief, NSA MacFarlane outlined the creation of a special unit of trained and motivated agents that would fulfill roles of utmost importance to the stability of the world and US interests at home and abroad.  Reagan was more expansive in his vision and with a stroke of his pen ordered the creation of a black agency under his authority that would harness the power of Metahumanity for the good of all Americans.

A career NSC member and administrator was chosen as the Presidentís Liaison with the new agency.  The Damocles Directive was given broad powers and access to vast resources to complete its tasks.  The Directive is chaired by the enigmatic Liaison and includes six other high ranking members of the US Government.  It is believed to currently consist of three Congressmen, a Federal Judge, a Former Attorney General, and a high ranking White House delegate.

It took nearly 24 years, but in July 2004 Phase 6 of the Damocles Directive became operational.  Utilizing metahuman felons, controlled through the infamous Deadlok device, the Directive seeks to contain and eliminate threats to American Interests worldwide.  It is believed to operate out of the American Southwest either in Nevada or Utah, although it conducts operations anywhere the Directive Board deems appropriate.



Cybernetics, or bionics as they are more commonly known, are technological implants used to replace or improve parts of the human body. Since the turn of the century, cybernetic technology has become more advanced and more commercially feasible as a medical alternative. Contrary to popular impression, cybernetics are incapable of giving a human being superhuman speed or strength.

Most of the widely available cybernetic technology is "brute force replacements" for entire portions of the body. The most commonly used cybernetic implant is the artificial limb (arms and legs), followed by the artificial heart. Other than the heart, no other artificial organs have yet proved to be successful in use. A prototype cybernetic eye has been developed, but tests have not yet declared it fully functional.

The Darkside Radio Observatory

Established in 1992, the Darkside Radio Observatory is the largest radio telescope array ever built, spanning one hundred and forty square kilometers of the Moon's "dark" side, some 1200 kilometers away from Dark City.  Protected by the Moon's bulk, and always pointed away from the Earth, the Darkside array is capable of observations impossible from terrestrial radio observatories.  The improvement mainly comes from the fact that Earth's human population generates more radio signals than the Sun; with the Moon itself blocking these signals from interfering with the observatory's reception, the sky is "clearer" for the radio telescopes.

The Delethai

The Delethai (pronounced "dehh-lett-HIGHi") on Earth are one species of Xorn ex-slaves who have been freed or had escaped during the Xorn Invasion of 1984.  The Delethai are "gentle giants", being generally very powerful in body but also among the quietest in attitude.  The Xorn used them as heavy labor: porters, diggers, miners, loggers.  Whenever some job required enormous strength, the Delethai were tasked to accomplish it.  All Xorn medium to large ground expeditions had at least one Delethai slave.

Over twice the mass of Earth with a surface gravity of 1.8 G, Zh'koi (the Delethai homeworld) has six continents with a wide variety of climates.  Its surface is only fifty percent water, making it a relatively dry world, though the Delethai do well with what they have.  Because of a relatively low occurrence of asteroid activity (approximately 2 order of magnitudes less than that of Earth) and a relatively higher temperature range, biological gigantism on Zh'koi has developed.

When the Xorn invaded, the Delethai were an agrarian society on the cusp of industrialization similar to that of Earth in the mid-1800s.  The combination of a large technology gap and a generally pacifist population made the conquest fairly simple.

While their massive physical strength might make them highly sought as warriors, all but the most vicious Delethai would rather meditate through a problem than fight.  The Delethai are a quiet, contemplative people with a strong tradition and rich history of art, music, poetry, philosophy, and other artistic endeavors.  While these are their most passionate pursuits, Delethai have also produced highly noteworthy botanists, criminalists, linguists, psychologists, and research physicians, among others.  Most Delethai observe one of six major religions, all of which are peaceful and contemplative in their philosophies.  There were a few violent sects and cults, but they were quickly destroyed by the Xorn.

Though roughly humanoid in general appearance, the Delethai are large despite being heavy-worlders, standing ten feet on average with extremely stocky builds.  Their general appearance is like that of Humans, except for the heads; their noses and ears have a rugged, fleshy look to them, and their foreheads are adorned with three bony knobs.  These knobs, originally evolved as a means for the brain to dissipate heat.  However, the knobs later evolved further into both sexual displays for courtship as well as weapons for both defense and for courtship battles.  Because of the high levels of ethanol in the plants of Zh'koi, the animals of the Delethai homeworld have all developed physiological mechanisms to detoxify or excrete alcohol.

On Earth, there are mixed feelings about the Delethai.  Some humans fear the large powerful beings, others find them to be peaceful hard workers, and some admire them for their art.  At times they have tried to spread their religions to earthlings, and there is a small Delethai church in Berkeley, California.  The Delethai have six different primary languages each of which has many dialects tend to adopt the language of wherever they reside.  Because of this diversity, Delethai on Earth tend to use English as it is globally the most widespread language.


The Delta Clipper

The Delta Clipper is the common name of the McDonnell Douglas DC-1 SSTO Orbital Transport shuttle.  Constructed and operated for a fraction of the cost of the original space shuttle model, the Delta Clipper is now the workhorse of the US Space Program.


With the establishment of proof of the alternate timeline theory, and the physical existence of persons from those alternate timelines, the word "doppelganger" has come to mean a person from an alternate timeline who has a counterpart in this dimension.  Often, a person is unaware that his doppelganger has arrived from another dimension.  The doppelganger's life story is usually identical, or at least closely similar, to the "original" person.


A slang term referring to any Metahuman whose powers have no practical purpose, or nearly so. Examples would include persons who can change the color of their skin to the various shades of the rainbow, or a telekinetic whose powers only affect cheese, or a person who can transform champagne into motor oil..