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History and Origins: The horrors Reginald Winnsinger experienced as a child while a prisoner (with his family, none of whom survived imprisonment) at the infamous Dachau concentration camp were such a dominant influence on his life that the young mutant genius dedicated his whole being to insuring that no one, ever, anywhere, would go through what he had gone through.  To that end, Winnsinger created new technologies and medicines that would benefit all of mankind.  But when he presented them to representatives of the various governments and the corporations, people who, at the time, had the most efficient distribution systems and who could, by extension, make sure that everyone on Earth enjoyed the fruits of his genius, all he found was greed and corruption.  The government wanted to horde his creations to themselves rather than distribute them to everyone.  The corporations were willing to distribute, but only for the right price.

His disgust in his fellow man was total.  The venality and greed, stacked with the basic inhumanity he had experienced during World War II, convinced Reginald Winnsinger that the only way the world would change was if someone changed it.  Unilaterally.  Finally.  Completely.  And he, Reginald Winnsinger, perhaps the smartest man the world had ever seen, capable of scientific leaps that would make Einstein seem like an elementary school student, would be that agent of change.  He would bring Doom to the small-minded, the callous, and the cruel, whether the world wanted it or not.

He created his new plan in the space of eight hours, and put the first steps in motion shortly thereafter.  And so far, everything has been going just as he's forseen.

Leader: The Cheerleaders don't have a definite leader.  Rather, they operate more like a disorganized democracy, where each girl offers her own input until a general consensus is reached.

Area of Operation: United States

Goals: Make money.  Live the High Life.

Inter-Group Relations: The relationship between these girls?  BFFL!  No fooling!  Sure, they occasionally rag on each other and make jokes about the clothes they wear and the boys they date, but its like one of those "older sibling" things.  You know... I get to rag on my little brother as much as I want, but if you do it, I'll hurt you!  They've got that sort of relationship.

Reputation: The Cheerleaders are considered something of a joke among the supervillain community despite being pretty effective at their chosen vocation.  They are known to be more likely to run away than fight, are generally considered weak and easy to beat when they do fight, and are often underestimated.  As far as being thieves, they are actually quite effective planners, and they always stick to the plan once they settle on it.  Of course, settling on it can take them hours.  They are not as flighty as they seem.