The Hanged Man
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes  
15 STR 25 14- Lift: 600  Damage: 5d6  END: 2
20 DEX 20 13-  
15 CON 25 14-  
3 INT 13 12- PER Roll: 12-
8 EGO 18 13- Mental Defense: 4
8 PRE 18 13- PRE Attack: 3 1/2d6
30 OCV 9 ---  
30 DCV 9 ---  
0 OMCV 3 ---  
6 DMCV 9 ---  
30 SPD 5 --- Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
-2 PD 20 --- Resistant PD: 20
-2 ED 20 --- Resistant ED: 20
16 REC 20 ---  
9 END 65 ---  
10 BODY 20 ---  
20 STUN 60 ---  
0 Running 12m --- END: 1
0 Swimming 4m --- END: 1
0 Leaping 4m --- Forward: 4m  Upward: 2m  END: 1
Character Summary      
Real Name: Leopold Johannes Dorian von Hapsburg Played By: NPC
Concept: Martial Artist Nationality: Austrian
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Blue Date of Birth: 2 February 1602
Height/Weight: 6' 1"/190 lbs Place of Birth: Salzburg, Austria
Cost Powers END
12 Blase: +25 PRE (25 Active Points); Only to Defend Against Presence Attacks (-1)  ---
5 Deathless: Life Support (Longevity: Immortal)  0
95 Indestructible: (Total: 105 Active Cost, 95 Real Cost) Resistant Protection (20 PD/20 ED/10 Power Defense) (Real Cost: 75) plus Cannot Be Stunned (15 Active Points); Linked (Resistant Protection; -1/2) (Real Cost: 10) plus Does Not Bleed (15 Active Points); Linked (Resistant Protection; -1/2) (Real Cost: 10)  0
127 Quick Recovery: (Total: 161 Active Cost, 127 Real Cost) Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 75% (Real Cost: 60) plus Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 75% (60 Active Points); Linked (Damage Reduction; -1/2) (Real Cost: 40) plus Regeneration (1 BODY per Turn), Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection (41 Active Points); Linked (Damage Reduction; -1/2) (Real Cost: 27)  0
11 Sabre: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (2 1/2d6 w/STR), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (22 Active Points); OAF (Sword; -1)  0


5 Ballestra +2 OCV -2 DCV Weapon + 4 DC Strike, Half Move Required
3 Cut +2 OCV +1 DCV Weapon Strike
4 Ceduto +0 OCV +0 DCV Weapon + 3 DC Strike, 15 STR to Escape Bind
4 Double a Double +2 OCV +2 DCV Weapon + 2 DC Strike, Must Follow Slash
5 Fleche +1 OCV +0 DCV Weapon + v/5; Full Move
4 Froissement +2 OCV -2 DCV Disarm, 35 STR to Disarm Roll
3 Grypes -1 OCV -2 DCV Grab One Limb, 10 STR Disarm
5 Lunge +1 OCV -2 DCV Weapon + 4 DC Strike
4 Parry +2 OCV +2 DCV Block, Abort
3 Pasata Soto +2 OCV +2 DCV Weapon + Foe's v/5 Strike, You Fall, Response to Ballestra, Fleche, or Lunge
4 Prise de Fer +1 OCV +0 DCV Bind, 35 STR
4 Riposte +2 OCV +2 DCV Weapon + 2 DC Strike, Must Follow Block
5 Slash -2 OCV +1 DCV Weapon + 4 DC Strike
5 Takeaway +0 OCV +0 DCV Grab Weapon, 35 STR to Take Weapon Away
5 Thrust +1 OCV +3 DCV Weapon Strike
3 Trip +2 OCV -1 DCV 6d6 Strike, Target Falls
4 Void --- +5 DCV Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
0 Weapon Element:  Blades
Cost Skills
20 +2 with All Attacks 
3 Bribery 13- 
3 Bureaucratics 13- 
3 Concealment 12- 
3 Contortionist 13- 
3 Conversation 13- 
3 Deduction 12- 
10 Defense Maneuver I-IV  
3 Disguise 12- 
--- Everyman Skills 
0 1) Acting 8- 
0 2) AK: Salzburg, Austria 8- 
0 3) Climbing 8- 
0 4) Concealment 8- 
0 5) Conversation 8- 
0 6) Deduction 8- 
0 7) Language: German (idiomatic) (4 Active Points) 
0 8) Paramedics 8- 
0 9) Persuasion 8- 
0 10) PS: Cavalry Soldier 11- 
0 11) Shadowing 8- 
0 12) Stealth 8- 
0 13) TF: Common Motorized Ground Vehicles 
3 High Society 13- 
3 Interrogation 13- 
3 KS: Horsemanship 12- 
3 Language: English (idiomatic) (4 Active Points) 
4 Language: Greek (Modern) (idiomatic) 
4 Language: Latin (idiomatic) 
4 Language: Russian (idiomatic) 
4 Language: Spanish (idiomatic) 
3 Lockpicking 13- 
3 Oratory 13- 
3 Paramedics 12- 
3 Persuasion 13- 
3 Riding 13- 
3 Sleight Of Hand 13- 
3 Stealth 13- 
3 Streetwise 13- 
3 Tactics 12- 
1 WF: Blades 
Cost Talents
5 Eidetic Memory 
12 Combat Luck (6 PD/6 ED) 
26 Universal Translator 18- 
Cost Perks


Money: Filthy Rich 
Base+ Complications
5 Distinctive Features: Hanging Scar (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses) 
20 Hunted: Checkmate Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Harshly Punish) 
20 Psychological Complication: Amoral (Common; Total) 
15 Psychological Complication: Bored Now.... (Common; Strong) 
15 Watched: The Emperor Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; PC has a Public ID or is otherwise very easy to find; Watching) 
Character Point Summary      
Characteristics Cost: 219 Base Points: 425
Powers Cost: 250 Total Matching Complication Points: 75
Martial Arts Cost: 70 Total Experience Points Earned: 200
Skills Cost: 107 Experience Points Spent: 200
Talents Cost: 43 Experience Points Unspent: 0
Perquisites Cost: 11 Total Points: 700
Total Cost: 700    
Born into the dawn of the age of reform to an old family tradition without the true means to perpetuate it, Leopold Hapsburg grew to be a young scamp of society. He was a dandy of the first class, learning the sword to earn his scars in society turned over on its ear by religion. When not out drinking with his hothead friends or gambling away the little of the family funds left to him, he was busy selling off bits of the household to the burghers for more loans to maintain the pretense of money in hand. At seventeen he was ready to join the ranks of the army on the side of God, and a decent paymaster, when he came across a mob looking for food after looting his home. The estate wasn't much. The old man had died too quickly, and there had been far too little food for such a big place. And along came this whelp of a dandy in a new jacket and carrying a sword of all things. Rag bound hands adjusted their grip on pitchforks and hammers as they caught him just getting down to check his father.

They beat him. Soundly. They tossed a rope over the branch he'd climbed as a boy, stood him on his horse underneath and let him watch as the house burned. One sick member fetched a bucket of water and put it just out of reach of the horse. Leopold's eyes burned down at the man in unquenched rage as the horse took steps and finally walked out from beneath him. The men were Spanish, mercenaries looking for additions to their pay. They were also supposed to have been on his side. It was all grey when his eyes opened again. He sat up to a grey world and thought it was hell. He was covered in a layer of ash from the fires. The wars claimed him like he was already dead, after all what could harm a hanged man ? That was the only thing that stayed put, although is he had a really bad night he would remember the beating and would wake with yellowing bruises all over. Wearing a high necked coat, he joined a Prussian mercenary unit and went anywhere he could kill Spaniards for years.

As time went on, the company changed out new faces for old. Some came to wonder at his face unchanged. The scars he wore were those of a young man. He lost neither eye nor fingers and seemed to be the devil's own in the charge. He left in the thick of battle and found other wars, other ways to power. He stole the contents of the Bavarian prince's royal coach and hid half deep in the mountains. The other half he smuggled down to Italy and turned it into a fortune by never quite losing a duel -and betting heavily on dangerous races. He learned to move into and out of the cities as a ghost, but invested heavily in long term deals. Many of them played out well, especially when around 1740 he became aware of Tarot. He joined and left after twenty years without meeting the Emperor or revealing his secret. The first time. Later, he was found to be behind many of the deals which were in the best interests of Tarot, so they brought him into the fold.

Where the Emperor occasionally likes to relive certain moments in time, Leopold would prefer to forget if he could. Still of the looks of a youngish man after all this time, he parties with the best and sometimes he is penniless and healing by morning. Other times, he scores. In the long run, even statistics will favor the longer lived players.
Been there. Done that. Oh hello a new twist on an old favorite will bring the light to his eyes... for a while. And then it is ho hum again. He isn't in this to take over the world, but to experience it, preferably at the end of a pipe or in a bottle. Leopold is not stupid, he just has not applied anything but his skills to pick up languages. He does not sound like a Hollywood vampire, for example, but he doesn't speak in slang either. He is always soft-spoken and slightly hurt looking when people have the same reactions over and over.

As a joke, he sometimes introduces himself as "Dorian Gray". Admittedly, he's been making this joke fewer and fewer times as the years have passed, as most people in the modern day seem to never have heard of that novel much to Leopold's utter disgust. Its for this reason that he curses the loss of literary culture in the modern world. And he swears to almighty God that the next person who responds "Oh, like in that Sean Connery movie?" is going to meet the business end of his sword.
"Oh, not you again."
His body just will not quit. It isn't that he dodges bullets or survives car crashes. He looks like he stops bullets real good. He just stops pumping blood out of the holes and gets up really peeved a few seconds later. As far as cars go, he was once found to have been torn to pieces in an exploding early auto. The bloody paths of limbs working their way back toward the wrack of the body was nothing like seeing the hands set the head back on the neck and reform connection there. His body is the peak of human perfection in look and function. He would be truly glorious looking as well, if not for a dueling scar along the left cheek and of course the ragged welt of scar around his neck from the hanging. That too reforms every time he does. He can speak any tongue which he studies for a little while, and even that is as nothing for he has traveled extensively and remembers the languages he is exposed to.

He can see any scene he has observed in his mind in uncanny detail all the way back to the night he was hung. He has added modern training in martial arts of the street to his cavalry training and fencing. Guns he has never deigned to learn more than to point, which he has as much natural aptitude as he feels he needs. The money he has stolen and earned, invested and reinvested countless times makes him very wealthy. Being able to live amongst the wealthy makes him well connected.
The Hanged Man wears a style that seems to hint at lacy cravats and sleeves combined with modern leather garments without going gothic. (He assumed this style after seeing the movie "The Queen of the Damned", starring actor Stewart Townsend... when he later saw Townsend play Dorian Gray, he fell into the giggles). His hair is slightly long, but not out of style in these times. He has tried various tattoos and piercings but they fade and heal too soon for them to be more than a momentary diversion. He makes no effort to hide his identity.