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American Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Austin, Texas
The Rangers:  The Rangers are sponsored by the state government of Texas.  They are all deputized as Texas Rangers and carry full law-enforcement powers.
  Bulldozer:  Power armor wearing brick.
  Diamondback I:  Martial artist/weapon master who uses "throwing diamonds" as weapons.
  Longhorn:  Brick.  "Minotaur" man with a bull's head.
  Mustang Sally:   Brick.  Tough and determined.
  Recoil:  Energy blaster with kinetic powers.
  Starfire:  Energy blaster with fire powers.
  Twister:  Energy blaster with wind powers
Baltimore, Maryland
The Baltimore New Guard:  A superhero team formed in the ashes of an older team.  The original Baltimore Guard was slaughtered to a man by the Blood Red King.  A new generation of hero has stepped forward to take their place.
  Fey:  A mystic swordsman who claims to be an elf from the lands of faerie.
  Fracture:  Teleporting energy blaster with dimensional powers.  His attacks resemble the look of a mirror shattering.
  Rock Bottom:  Brick with "stone hard-skin" and greater density.
  Speedstar:   Speedster seeking redemption.
  Tao:  Genetically engineered "perfect weapon".  The product of one of the US military's super-soldier programs, on the run from them now.
  Thunderfist:  Brick with minor electrical powers.
  White Rabbit:  Mentalist.
Force 5:  A superhero team with a talent for causing collateral property damage.
  Bulwark:  Brick.  Near-total invulnerability, mid-level strength.
  Fusillade:  Powered armor wearer.
  The Gryffon:  Mystic energy blaster.
  The Janissary:  Martial brick.  Very quick, almost to speedster levels.  Almost.
  Victory:  Energy blaster with "cosmic" powers.
Boston, Massachusetts
The Beacon:  Mystic energy blaster who uses a magical lantern.
Black Cat:  Street-level martial artist active in Boston.
Brimstone, Josiah:  Mystic detective who has been mystically bound to a demonsoul.  Gives him great mystical power, but sometimes drives him into evil.
Hazard:  Super-athletic martial artist with "willpower" powers.  Able to shrug off things normal folks normally can't.
The Patriot:  Martial brick.  Gestalt incarnation of the New England Patriots football team.  Dressed in a modified Patriots uniform.  Good at what he does, but is generally sneaky and conniving and not well-liked by other heroes.
Charlotte, North Carolina
The Brigade:  Small, very popular team who is very effective at keeping supercrime in check in their home town.  Haven't been called on to fight any world-beating menaces yet.
  Deflector:  Brick whose invulnerability is based on force fields.
  Johnny Reb:  Martial artist with an ultrasonic "rebel yell".  Basically a male Black Canary with a confederate theme.
  Lady Justice:  Martial artist/gadgeteer.
  Psychon:  Telekinetic energy blaster.
  Speedway:  Speedster.  Dresses in a NASCAR style driver's fire-suit and helmet.
Chicago, Illinois
Aegis:  Martial brick who uses a shield.  Young woman of Greek background.  Prosecuting attorney who goes after "those that beat the system".  Considered something of a vigilante.
The Citizen:  Street-level gadgeteer hero.
Doctor Stratos:  Energy blaster with weather control powers.
Lucky Star:  Street-level martial artist.  Called "the luckiest man alive".
The Supreme Six:  Hero team considered second-tier by most people, despite being the Windy City's most powerful hero team, probably because each member is a "legacy hero".  That is, they are all former teen sidekicks to well-respected (if now retired) heroes from yesterday, all grown up.
  Calculus:  Super-intelligent mentalist.  Tactical genius
  Photon:  Energy blaster with light powers.
  Omnipresent:  Teleporting speedster.
  Prototype:  Gadgeteer.
  Stonewall II:  Brick.  Invulnerable and strong.
  Thunderstorm:  Energy blaster with weather control powers.
The Victory League:  The newest team of heroes in the Chicago area.  They've yet to be seriously tested but are picking up a following.
  Allustria:  Energy blaster with light powers.
  Empyrion:  Flying brick in the superman mold.  Began his crime-fighting career in the 50s, but hasn't aged much.
  Evangella:  Energy blaster with Cosmic Energy powers.  Devout Christian evangelist.
  Nightshade:  Batmasesque martial artist/gadgeteer.  Not as anti-social, however.
Cleveland, Ohio
Widow:  Minor brick with spider-powers.
Columbus, Ohio
Doc Liberty:  Brick.  His costume is star-spangled.
Dallas, Texas
The Regulators:  A very popular hero team, not only in Dallas but across Texas.
  The Anvil I:  Brick and former professional wrestler.  Very flamboyant.
  Firedrake:  Energy blaster with fire/heat powers.
  Jenny Thunder:  Speedster.  Daughter of 1970s hero Jimmy Thunder.
  Mustang I:  Speedster brick and former professional football player.  Makes regular appearances on the shock-rock morning show Dave and the Geek.
  Orbit:  Energy blaster with gravity powers.
  Shift:  Metamorph bendy toy along the lines of Plastic Man.
  Technage:  Gadgeteer.
Denver, Colorado
Denver Defenders:  A super-team active in Denver, Colorado.  A long-established, well-respected team.
  Amethyst:  Mystic with illusion magic.
  Crackling Rose:  Energy blaster with electrical powers.
  Echo:  Blind energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Flux:  Bendy toy chimpanzee.
  Goshawk:  Martial gadgeteer in the Batman mold.
  Manimal:  Shapeshifter who changes into animal shapes.
  Nano:  Metamorph who shrinks.
  Nocturne:  Energy blaster with darkness powers.
  Oak:  Brick with wood/plant powers.
  Tempest:  Speedster with time control powers.
Detroit, Michigan
The Squad:  A new group just starting out in the crimefighting business.  No one is sure about them yet.
  Gold Shield:  Martial artist/weapon master who uses a shield.
  Regalia:  Gadgeteer.
  Super-Cop:  Brick/blaster.  A robot with electrical blasts.  Designed and built by Regalia.
Martini:  Mentalist.  Very suave and sophisticated.  His costume is a black tuxedo with tails, plus domino mask.
The Motor City Marshalls:  More popular with the citizens of Detroit than with the city government.
  Ablaze:  Energy blaster with fire powers.
  Chit-Chat:  Mentalist
  The Fat Man:  "Fat" brick who absorbs kinetic energy.  Eight feet tall and weighs close to a thousand pounds.
  Kid Cyclone:  Thirteen year old "team mascot" who thinks his parents don't know about his powers.  They know, and are quietly and gently encouraging him.
  Queen Bee:  Brick/energy blaster with insect powers and a "stinger" blast.
Rottweiler:  Bestial martial brick with dog powers.  Basically a claw-less wolverine.  Street-level crimefighter.
Gary, Indiana
The Golden Marvel:  Flying brick based on Golden Age superman.  An aging, sometimes out-of-touch-with-the-times relic of a past age.  Immortal hero who originally fought crime in the 40s.  No longer ages, but still has old fashioned values.  Nearly universally respected by his fellow heroes.  Originally based in Boston.
Houston, Texas
Ascension:  Hero team active in Dallas, Texas.  The team is only recently formed, but all the members are familiar faces to the citizens of Dallas.
  Collossus:  Brick who can turn into a marble statue.
  Mister Magic:  Sorcerer who hides his real magical power under the guise of stage magic trickery.  The son of the Emperor of Tarot.
  The Puritan I:  Telekinetic energy blaster
  Red Eagle:  Mystic archer/martial artist.
  Totem:  Mystic who practices shamanistic magic.
Captain Speedy:  Speedster who is having the time of his life.  Very popular among the people of Houston.
Doctor Impossible:  Mystic sorcerer.
Overrider:  Cyberpath who can not just control computers, but can control any machinery mentally.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Crusader:  Martial artist.  Considered a lawless vigilante wanted for murder by the police because of an accident in which a suspect was killed (the guy really did fall off the roof... Crusader didn't push him).
Jackson, Mississippi
The White Legion:  The official hero team of the Ku Klux Klan.  Actual crime-fighting, people-saving, disaster-preventing superheroes.  Except for their vile opinions on racial supremacy and the place non-Whites should have in society, they’d be true-blue, noble heroes.  They don’t even hesitate to help non-Whites, as they see such actions as “setting a good example for lesser peoples”.  Not looked on too favorably by anyone but racists and neo-nazi white supremacists, even when they do good deeds (like rescuing over 300 flood victims during the worst of the New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina debacle).  The Jackson city government wants them gone, but can't find a legal way to do it, as the White Legion aren't doing anything they can be expelled for.
  Aryan Nation:  Duplicating martial artist.
  The Colonel:  Brick.  Wears a costume based on a Confederate colonel's uniform.
  The Grand Wizard:  Mystic sorcerer.
  The Puritan II:  Martial artist and weapon master.
  Rebel Yell:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Southern Belle:  Brick who carries a sword and shield.  Amazon.
Jacksonville, Florida
Grandslam:  Weapon master with a baseball theme.
Operator:  Blaster/mentalist with electrical and cyberpathy powers.
Las Vegas, Nevada

The High Rollers:  A very popular hero team, much to the dismay of the various casino owners and tourist-oriented businesses in the city, most of whom see the heroes as being a disruptive influence on the tourist trade that's almost as bad as the villains.

  Argent:  Silver-armored energy blaster with cosmic powers.
  Brightfeather:  Martial Brick.  Magically enhanced physical abilities.
  The King:  Gestalt incarnation of Elvis Presley (during the white jumpsuit era).  Sonic powers.
  Morningstar:  Flying brick in the Power Woman mold.  Very strong, very hard to hurt.
Los Angeles, California
4Justice:  A quartet of young singer/dancers who won their place on the team by way of the "reality" TV game show "Who Wants to Be a Superhero".  To date, they've not actually appeared in the field fighting crime, but have released four albums, had a nationwide tour, and a TV movie.  While each member of the band has a "code name", they are all much better known by their real names among their fans (who are all tween- and teen-aged girls, apparently).  Outside of their fans, they receive little respect from the hero community, and not much more from the music community.
  Linus, Bobby:  Code named "Heart-Throb".  Mentalist with power over emotion.  He's the "cute one".
  McKnight, Jason:  Code named "Amplifier" (or sometimes just "Amp").  An energy blaster with sonic powers.  He's the "strangely effeminate, but we swear he's not gay, really" one.
  O'Keefe, Andy:  Code-named "Rebel".  Low-grade brick.  He's the "broody bad boy".
  Parke, Tyler:  Code named "Firefall".  An energy blaster with fire powers.  He's the "shy one".
The Angels:  A popular hero team actually based in Beverly Hills rather than Los Angeles proper.  Considered to be a "high rent" hero team, but well-liked in the city.
  Briar Rose:  Martial artist and super-archer.  Young Japanese-American woman.  She's the third Briar Rose in Los Angeles history, the first being her grandmother, who fought spies and saboteurs during World War II..
  Commander Future:  Battlesuit wearer with Clarke's Law level technology.  Claims to be a historian from the future, here to document the "metahuman wars", whatever that means.  Seems utterly unconcerned by his effect on the past; when asked about it he usually shrugs such questions off.
  Crescendo:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Swallowtail:  Energy blaster with force powers.  Butterfly themed costume.  Twin sister to Tumble Bee.
  Tumble Bee:  Brick whose invulnerability and strength comes from Force Field manipulation.  Twin sister to Swallowtail.
Awesome X:  Super-athlete and daredevil.  Physical abilities at the peak of human capability.  Operates out of Los Angeles.  Full of himself.  Considered a jerk by most people who've met him.
Force Pacific:  Hero team considered LA's primary protectors.
  Captain California:  Brick who rides a flying surfboard.
  Corvette:  Speedster.
  Dream Catcher:  Mentalist with Illusion and Dream powers.
  Ivy:  Energy blaster with plant control.
  The Platinum Blonde:  Brick.  Robot duplicate of Marilyn Monroe.
  Robotman:  Brick/blaster.  A bottled brain inside a robot body.
  Sea Lion:  Aquatic brick in the mold of Aquaman.
  Starlet:  Energy blaster with light powers.

Imagination West:  The official superhero team of the Walt Disney Corporation.  In addition to crime-fighting in the Los Angeles area, the team also performs PR appearances,  This is perhaps the most heavily merchandised superhero team on the planet, with toys, comic books, movies, novels, pajamas, and a ton of other collectible items being sold at Disney’s Hero City park.

  Barnstormer:  Flying speedster.
  Big Thunder:  Brick with minor electrical powers.
  Condorman:  Powered armor with a condor/bird theme.
  Fireworks:  Energy blaster with explosive light powers.
  Nemo:  Aquatic brick in the Aquaman mold.
  Peter Pan: Flying martial artist/energy blaster who can create pinpoints of light as spies or attack weapons.  Looks like a child but is actually in his forties.
  Prince Charming:  Weapon master with a medieval knight theme.  Shield and sword.
  Test Track:  Speedster.  Wears a costume reminiscent of a crash test dummy.
Phenom:  Flying brick.  Teenaged actress/singer celebrity who has her own TV show, record albums.  Regularly goes on concert tours.  Tumble Bee of the Angels once loudly remarked that its a wonder Phenom ever finds the time to actually be a superhero.  The resulting fight between the two of them caused nearly two million dollars in property damage, all paid for by Phenom's production company.
Pseudo:  Shapeshifting hero active in Los Angeles.  Would-be actor and movie star.  Keeps an identity as an athletic young actor, but is actually an alien explorer who "went native" and is now pretending to be human.
Ready, Willing, and Able:  A trio of superheroes for hire.  They mostly do bodyguard work, hostage rescue, kidnap resolution, and so on.  They're all licensed private detectives, and have no record of any shady dealings.  Still, the fact that they work for money makes them "grimy" in the eyes of most other superheroes.
  Able:  Martial brick.  His actual name is William Abel.
  Ready:  Martial brick.  Real name Georgia Reddy.
  Willing:  Martial brick.  Real name Fernando Welling.
Memphis, Tennessee
The Challengers:
  Posse:  Duplicating martial artist.
  Slider:  Energy blaster with teleportation and dimensional powers.
  Solar:  Energy blaster with heat and light powers.
  Verdant:  Mentalist with plant control powers.
Miami, Florida
Electron:  Battlesuit wearer.  Electrical weaponry.
Kayle, Michael:  Mystic street-level hero active in Miami.
Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Sentinels:  The greatest (and only) superhero team in Mobile, Alabama.  They respond to emergency calls up and down the Gulf Coast.
  Calypso:  Aquatic brick with "sea animal" powers.
  Eclipse:  Energy blaster with both light and dark powers.
  Gypsy:  Mentalist who manipulates probability.
  Lash:  Weapon master/martial artist who uses a whip.
  Magus:  Energy blaster with mental/force powers.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Battlecat:  Batman-style gadgeteer/martial artist operating in New Orleans.  Primary opposition for Baron Samedi.
Doctor Kaa:  Mystic sorcerer.  Recognized as a scholar of Egyptian mysticism.  Operates out of New Orleans
Foreshadow:  Clairvoyant martial artist in the Batman mode.  Operates out of New Orleans.
New York City, New York
Cloak and Dagger:  Teenaged heroes who protect the streets of Harlem..
  Cloak:  Metamorph who can teleport.  Her body is made of a morphagenic "darkness field" contained within the cloak, which can be used as a pair of prehensile limbs.  Her darkness "feeds" on people's body heat.  Immune to the effects of Dagger's light.
  Dagger:  Martial artist/blaster who can generate light.  He can also project dart-like bursts of light as weapons.  Immune to the effects of Cloak's darkness.
The Crimestoppers:  A team of would-be superheroes who, surprisingly enough, do have super-powers.  Its just that the super-powers they possess are hardly impressive, and sometimes don't work right.  Generally considered a bunch of wannabe's, though despite being disrespected by pretty much everybody, they actually sometimes get the job done.  It should be noted that they take themselves very seriously as superheroes.
  Doctor Destiny:  Clairvoyant mentalist.  He can see the future with the help of his magic eight-ball.  And yes, it really tells the future.
  Mister Excitement:  A minor brick with honest to God super-strength... except he gains the super-strength by way of adrenalin rushes, and there's never a guarantee he's going to have one.  Hyper-active superhero.  He doesn't mean to fidget, but he does.  Do not, whatever you do, give this man caffeine.
  Rex:  Rex is a talking German shepherd.  That's his power... he's a dog that talks.  He's also leader of this team, so deal with it.
  Silly Putty:  A metamorph who can assume any shape... as long as his shape is changed manually.  (Meaning, he cannot will himself into a new shape... he has to press and mold himself, or have someone else press and mold himself, into the new shape).  He can also pick up newsprint images if he presses himself against a newspaper.
  The Tagger:  An "energy blaster" with the ability to generate spray paint (in a variety of colors) from his fingers.  He's only sixteen, and is thus thought of as the group's "junior member".
The Fabulous Four:  A super-team that's not as respected in the city as it should be.  They aren't hated, per se, but they aren't as experienced as the Neumans or the Knights, and so get compared unfavorably.
  Iron Angel:  Mentalist.  Telepathic.
  Onyx:  Female brick.
  Speed Demon II:  Speedster.
  Technomancer:  Gadgeteer.

The Neumen Family:  A super-powered family of crimefighters, all of whom are superhumanly strong and tough to some degree, and all of whom have other powers.  Called "the First Family of Crimefighting".

  Saul Neuman:  Patriarch of the family.  Strong and heals fast. 
  Chloe Neuman:  Matriarch of the family.  Strong and grows.
  Bart Neuman:  Oldest son.  Strong and dexterous.  Like spider-man without the wall-crawling or web-slinging.
  Jeremy Neuman:  Middle child.  Strong and can fly.
  Samantha Neumen:  Youngest child.  Strong and can turn into diamond.

The New York Knights:  Considerded the "premiere" hero team in NYC.

  Candle:  Energy Blaster with flame powers.
  The Hammer:  Brick.  Gains his strength by increasing his density, though he starts off as superhumanly strong and simply gets more so.
  Jonathan Hive:  Metamorph who can turn himself into a swarm of wasps.
  Quarterback:  Super-athlete/martial artist.  His costume is basically a modified American football uniform, including pads that double as body armor.
  Scarab:  Powered armor wearer.
Doctor Metropolis:  Gestalt incarnation of New York City itself,  Can "reshape" and "repair" the things that make up the city, like its buildings.
Free Spirit:  The gestalt incarnation of the loss of inhibition.  Martial brick who regenerates.  Has a vast and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor, and cannot be brought down or depressed.  The protector of Greenwich Village.
Elite:  Super-athlete and martial artist.  Succeeds at nearly anything he tries.  Teenaged hero operating in New York City.  Doesn't know he's a genetically engineered lifeform created by Baron Maltus.
Newark, New Jersey
The Troll I:  Huge, slightly monstrous-looking brick with ram's horns on his head and green leathery skin.  Active in Newark, New Jersey.  Despite his appearance, he enjoys broad support in his native city, and is a favorite among the working class.
Norfolk, Virginia
American All-Stars:  Founded in 1939, the All-Stars are one of the oldest continually active teams of crime-fighters in the world.  Well-respected team with a reputation they can back up.  They can actually get away with calling themselves (or at least tolerate being called) "America's greatest superheroes" because of it.
  Firefly:  Energy blaster who produces a glowing "goo" which is used for attacks.  She glows when using her powers, hence her name.
  Golden Eagle:  Winged minor brick with an "eagle's scream" sonic attack.  A legacy hero, he's the third Golden Eagle and the grandson of the original, who fought with the All-Stars during World War II.  He's beginning to feel his age and has been training his son to take his place.
  Major Liberty:  Martial brick.  Another legacy hero.  "Major Liberty" was the first costumed crime-fighter in the United States, having begun during the Revolutionary War.  The current Major Liberty is a direct descendant of the original (its a family legacy), and the first woman to wear the costume.  Some of the more conservative members of Norfolk's population still haven't quite wrapped their head around the concept of a female Major Liberty.
  Night Vision:  Martial artist with darkness/shadow powers.
  Runestone:  Mystic sorcerer who gained his magical powers from the Runestone embedded in his chest.
  Sturdy:  Brick.  Can grow to be 12 feet tall.
  Wi-Fi:  Gadgeteer.
  Wing:  Sidekick and son of Golden Eagle.  Enthusiastic to finally get out from his father's shadow and take on the Golden Eagle mantle himself.  Sometimes a bit rash and impulsive.
The Knights:  The Knights of Norfolk are a relatively new team (having been active for only a year as of 2009).  They are known mostly for being very young (their average age is only 19).
  Sophistry:  Mentalist
  Jock:  A super-athlete with "visual muscle memory".  (In other words, he can replicate what he sees... so if he watches Michael Jordan play basketball, he can play basketball as well as Michael Jordan can).
  Juice:  Energy blaster with electrical powers.
  Lady Luck:  Energy blaster with probability manipulation powers.
  Pecos:  Cowboy themed brick who wields a braided steel lasso.
Orlando, Florida

Imagination East:  The official superhero team of the Walt Disney Corporation.  In addition to crime-fighting in the Orlando area, the team also performs PR appearances,  This is perhaps the most heavily merchandised superhero team on the planet, with toys, comic books, movies, novels, pajamas, and a ton of other collectible items being sold at Disney’s Hero City park.

  The Beast I:  Brick.  Bestial strong-man with classic manners.
  Doctor Tomorrowland: Powered armor/gadgeteer.  Leader of Imagination.  His armor greatly resembles that worn by Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films.
  Fairy Godmother:  Spell-weaving mystic.  A plump woman in late middle age who everyone likes because she’s just that friendly.
  Flubber:  Bendy-toy who bounces and is almost impossible to physically hurt.
  The Gentleman Ghost:  Energy Blaster/Mentalist.  Ghostly powers.  Permanently invisible, except for his clothing.
  Mister Toad:  Martial artist.  A Qliq refugee from the Xorn invasion who has come to absolutely love human culture.
  Mu Shu:  Shapeshifter who changes into a miniature Chinese dragon.
  Tinkerbell:  Shrinking energy blaster who uses light-based “pixie dust” as a weapon.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Bowman:  Super-athlete and archer.
Freedom Fellowship:  One of the original hero teams in the US, active since the early 60s.
  Talos:  Powered armor wearer.  Metahuman genius inventor.  His armor has a Greek hoplite theme.
  Thunder:  Flying brick in the Superman mold.
  Independence:  Flying brick with some minor light powers.
  Raven I:  Martial gadgeteer with a black bird theme.
  Rocket I:  Speedster.
Thorne, David:  Mystic street-level hero..
Uncle Sam:  The gestalt incarnation of the Spirit of America.  Super-strong, hard to heart, and courageous as the day is long.
Phoenix, Arizona
Lionheart:  Street-level martial brick.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Argonauts: 
  Blue:  Energy blaster with light powers.  All his powers are colored blue.
  Earthquake:  Huge brick with minor shockwave powers.
  Ink:  Energy blaster whose powers are based on his magical tattoos.
  Momentum:  Speedster whose power works by manipulation of momentum and inertia.
Captain Hammer:  Flying brick.  Conceited prick, for the most part, but an effective crimefighter.  Operates out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Saint Louis, Missouri
The Paladins:  Hero team,  Reliable, if not well-known.
  Cyclone:  Powered armor wearer whose weapons all center around compressed air.
  Gimmick:  Gadgeteer.  Teenaged girl.
  Headcase:  Telepathic and telekinetic mentalist.
  Inferna:  Energy blaster with fire powers.
  Knock Off:  Metamorph who can mimic the properties of any material he touches.
  Lady Hex:  Mystic sorceress.
  The Pugilist:  Scappy martial artist who relies on basic toughness and willpower.
  Silver Shrike:  Metamorph who can assume the powers and abilities of various animals.
  Twist:  Bendy toy. 
San Antonio, Texas
The Challengers:  The Challengers are known all over Texas despite being based in San Antonio.  They've often teamed with other Texas teams when facing huge threats or natural disasters.
  Datalock:  Cyberpath with magnetic powers.
  Mane:  Brick.  Turns into a big huge hulking, low-intelligence brute.
  The Rubber Man:  Bendy toy.
  Shockwave:  Energy blaster with kinetic powers.
San Diego, California
The Zoo:  A team of "Moreaus" that have banded together for self-protection and to show humanity that they aren't monsters.  They've unimaginably named themselves after their original species.
  Bloodhound:  Martial artist.  Heightened senses.
  Buffalo:  Brick.  Not very intelligent, but friendly.
  Fox:  Martial artist.
  Giraffe:  Bendy toy.
San Francisco, California
Buck Fever:  Pheremone-based mentalist.  Anyone around him is suddenly attracted to him.
The Golden Guardians:  Police-sponsored hero team considered members of the SFPD for legal purposes. Once well-respected, recent setbacks and a minor drug scandal (which resulted in two members being expelled from the group) have tarnished the team a little, so they are working to get the good will of the general public back.
  Action Man:  Super-athlete with peak human physical abilities.  Openly gay.
  Chronos:  Energy blaster with time powers.
  Hotshot:  Youthful energyblaster with fire powers.
  Lawgiver:  Powered armor wearer.
  Network:  Energy blaster with electromagnetic powers.
  Raven II:  Mystic martial artist with minor darkness powers.
  Redwood:  Growing brick.
  Wheels:  Speedster who uses skates.
Carr, Charles:  Perhaps the foremost occult detective and investigator in the world.  No real mystic power to speak of, though he has a strange way of being able to affect mystic creatures with mundane attacks when such actions are called upon.  Got into occult investigations because of an encounter with a truly horrific demon when he was a child.  Known in the mystic community as a knowledgeable scholar of the occult, and as an effective exorcist and monster-fighter, to the point that most supernatural "monsters" fear to encounter him when they wouldn't otherwise fear a high-powered superhuman.
Chandler, Nicholas:  A fourteen year old boy who is perhaps the only "monster slayer" more feared than Charles Carr.  At eight he used a baseball bat to kill a menacing spirit he thinks of as "the Boogeyman" to this day.  Considered the "creepy little kid" in his neighborhood, and is distrusted by parents and children alike... until the children come to him telling stories of strange things bumping around their windows at night.  Lives with his parents.
Laughing Dragon:  Super-athlete/martial artist active in San Francisco’s Chinatown.
Odd, Pamela:  A “supernatural detective” and ghost-hunter.  An enchanted fedora gives her clairvoyant powers gives her flashes of the future and the past.
PRIDE:  A group of openly gay superheroes who have come together to represent their community.
  Double Jeopardy:  Duplicating martial artist.  Can split into two people.
  Guardian Angel:  Winged flying blaster with emotion control and electrical powers.
  Menagerie:  Shapeshifting mentalist who can assume animal forms and telepathically command animals.
  Puck:  Teleporting martial artist.  Can become invisible.
  Rave:  Energy blaster with light and sound powers.
  Statuesque:  Female brick.  Permanently eight feet tall.  Very hard to hurt.
von Klouse, Vivian:  Mystic sorceress.  The self-proclaimed "Witch-Queen of San Francisco".  Keeps out of the superhero business but will rise to the task when presented with a supernatural threat.  Considered one of the possible successors to the Warlock.
San Jose, California
Karate Grrl:  Teenage martial artist with enhanced reaction time and a healing factor.  She intentionally plays up the "disaffected angry teenager" bit.
Savannah, Georgia
K9:  A dog-themed trio of heroes who are very popular among the people and with the government of their home city.
  Doberman:  A bestial scrapper with enhanced senses and speed
  Mastiff:  Brick.  Former professional wrestler David "Mastiff McGirk" Mossberg.
  Watchdog:  Batman-style martial gadgeteer/detective.
Smithfield, Rhode Island
The Hyperion Academy:  A "special school" created to help train young superhumans in the use of their powers.  Created after a young super named "Glow" was murdered fighting an adult supervillain she was not ready for.  In addition to training in the use of one's powers, the school also offers a standard educational curriculum.  The school is located in Smithfield, Rhode Island.
  Teachers and Instructors:
    Barefoot, Michael:  Bestial martial brick with bear powers formerly known as Kodiak.  Teaches physical education.  Known as "Coach Bear" by the students, a nickname he enjoys and allows.  Native American.
    Bermeo, Carlos:  Gadgeteer formerly known as Knick-Knack.  Reformed supervillain.  School custodian/technical support.
    Blaine, Richard:  Super-intelligent gadgeteer formerly known as Doctor Astonishing.  Science teacher.
    Coney, James:  Energy blaster with electrical powers, formerly known as "Lightning Rod".  Social Studies and history teacher.
    Dobrowski, Kara:  Energy blaster with light/color powers formerly known as "Rainbow".  Art teacher.
    Galasso, Kieth:  Gadgeteer who used music themed devices.  Reformed supervillain.  Teaches music appreciation and band.
    Guth, Ramona:  Mentalist whose sole power is to instantly be able to understand and use any language she sees written or hears spoken.  Currently knows how to use over two hundred languages.  Teaches Spanish, French, Latin, Russian, and Japanese language classes.  No former superhero identity.
    Kranyik, Lisa:  Math teacher.  Weather-controlling energy blaster formerly known as Tempest.
    Martin-Smith, Debra:  Principal of the school.  Mentalist formerly known as "Miss Mind".
    Phillips, James:  Teleporting martial artist formerly known as Red Devil I.  Has red skin, pointed ears, and a barbed tail.  Teaches English.
    Sark, John:  Martial brick formerly known as "Wildcat".  Teaches computer science.
    Steele, Mickey:  Assistant principal.  Metallic brick formerly known as "Mister Steel".
    Bagwell, Larry:  Mentalist.  Called "Angst", but he's considering changing it after he graduates..
    Baker, William:  Brick.  Former football player, before his metagene made him ineligible.  Called "All-Star".
    Boston, John:  Martial brick.  Called "Battecry".
    Boston, Phyllis:  Martial brick.  Called "Fury".  Fraternal twin of Battlecry.
    Colbert, John:  Energy blaster with fire and ice powers.  Called "Centigrade".
    DiChiara, Dianne:  Brick who can turn into a living statue.  Called "Caryatid", but she hates that name.
    Ellison, Gwendolyn:  Shapeshifter who can assume any human or animal form.  Called "Chameleon".
    Franks, Alexander:  Mentalist who controls plants and their growth.  Called "Gardener".
    Haire, Andrew:  Clairvoyant mentalist.  Called "Constellation".
    Jackson, Andrew:  Energy blaster with illusion powers.  Falled "Figment.
    Khan, Tanya:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.  Called "Crybaby".
    Konradt, Edward:  Energy blaster with magnetic powers. Called "Polaris".
    Labaddia, Constance:  Martial artist.  Perfect physical specimen who seems immune to poison or disease.  Called "Ideal".
    Linehan, John:  Speedster.  Called "Skid Mark".
    Morel, Nadia:  Flying speedster with wings.  Called "Angel".
    Rambaransingh, Natisha:  Energy blaster who uses "mental energy".  Called "Brain Burn".
    Sanger, Stephen:  Super-athlete at the peak of human condition.  Called "Athlete".
    Sloan, Nikkowanna:  Mentalist specializing in mind control.  Called "Instructor".
    Walsh, Murray:  "Brick" who is near indestructible but not truly super-strong.  Called "Adamant".
Washington, DC
The All-American:  Martial brick.  Dresses in a flagsuit.  Considered "the premiere hero of our nation's capital".
The Arsenal of Democracy:  The national superhero team of the United States.  Headquartered in Washington, DC and jointly sponsored by the Justice Department.  Each member is a credentialed FBI agent.
  American Eagle:  Winged energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Anthem:  Super-athlete martial artist.
  Bill O' Rights:  Shield-carrying brick.
  Dreamer:  Telekinetic energy blaster.
  Lady Liberty:  Flying brick in the mold of Supergirl.
  Liberty Belle:  Powered armor wearer.
  Victory:  Martial brick.
  Yankee Clipper:  Speedster.
The Capital Patrol:  A small superhero team active in the greater Washington DC area.  Constantly living in the shadow of the Arsenal of Democracy.
  Minuteman:  Speedster with time powers.
  Miss Liberty:  Martial artist.
  Vox Populi:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
Hawk and Dove:  A pair of super-powered twin brothers.  They operate out of Washington DC.
  Dove:  Martial artist with a bird theme.  Amazing reaction time and agilty.  Defensive fighter.
  Hawk:  Brick with a bird theme.  Strength and martial prowess.  Aggressive fighter.
Wilmington, Delaware
The 4Men:  A superhero group sponsored by the Chandler-Sader Group, a medical technology company specializing in metahuman physiology and treatment.
  Champion:  Flying brick in the Superman mold.
  Second Sight:  Clairvoyant telepath.
  Thunderstrike:  Energy blaster with electric powers.
  Zephyr:  Speedster.  A newcomer to the superhero scene.
No Set Location
Heroes for Hire:  Not actually a hero team per se, Heroes for Hire is a "temporary agency" with a permanent staff of metahuman employees who can be hired on a part-time basis for above-board, legal work as bodyguards, couriers, or for other labor uses.
  Awersome:  Brick
  Ballista:  Weapon master.  Uses a crossbow.
  Champion II:  Brick.
  Edge:  Bestial martial brick.
  Fast Eddie:  Speedster
  Lady Rose:  Mentalist
  Online I:  Cyberpath
  Regina:  Flying speedster.

Australian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Alice Springs
Walkabout:  Teleporting weapon master (uses a quarter staff and bolos).
Kestrel:  Powersuit wearer with wings and dart-guns.
The Squadron:  Australian hero team operating out of Perth.  Has an active, friendly rivalry with the other Australian hero teams.
  Black Swan:  Gadgeteering martial artist in the mold of Batgirl.
  Jinx:  Energy blaster with "bad luck inducing" powers.
  New South Wailer:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Piping Shrike:  Powered armor wearer.
  Sea Dragon:  Aquatic brick akin to Aquaman.
  Tasmanian Tiger:  Bestial martial brick with tiger powers.
Brigade:  Brick.  Former soldier.  His "costume" is a modified military uniform.

Austrian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Transistor:  Gadgeteer.

Brazilian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Rio de Janeiro
La Brigada de Victoria:  "The Victory Brigade".  Maintains heaquarters in Rio, but operates all over South America.
  Capitao Batalha:  "Captain Battle".  Weapon master and martial artist who uses a quarterstaff.
  El Maestro de Jungla:  "Junglemaster".  Mentalist who controls plants and animals.
  Escarlate Xama:  "Scarlet Shaman."  Mystic sorcerer.
  Extrano:  "Strange".  Mystic sorcerer.
  Giganto:  "Gigantic".  Brick.  A hulking brute who can barely speak, but who still thinks clearly.
  Grito:  "Scream".  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Rapido:  "Swift".  Speedster.
Sao Paulo
Os Guerreiros:  "The Warriors".  Not actually sanctioned and funded by the Brazilian government, but it might as well be.  Os Guerreiros are the most powerful team of heroes in South America, and they've tasted very few failures during their history.  The are often called "The Southern Guardians" by people in North America... a nickname most members of Os Guerreiros grind their teeth at.
  A Espada:  "The Sword".  Telepathy mentalist.
  Esperanca:  "Hope".  Brick.
  Estatua:  "Statue."  Brick who can turn to stone.
  Felina:  "Feline".  Bestial female scrapper with cat powers.
  Fortuna:  "Fortune".  Martial artist/weapon master.  Uses a sword.  Capoeira maistre.
  Gladiadora:  "Gladiatrix"  Female flying brick with minor electrical powers.
  Macaco-Aranha:  Bestial scrapper with "spider monkey" powers.  Agility, strength, and a prehensile tail.
  Senhora Luz Solar:  "Lady Sunlight".  Powerful energy blaster with sunlight powers.

Canadian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Ottawa, Ontario
Canadian Shield:  The national hero team of Canada.  Members of the group are considered officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Operates out of Ottawa.
  Binder:  Mystic sorceress.  Her full name is "Binder of Spirits", but that's too unwieldy to use.  Member of the Tsuu T'ina nation.
  Centennial:  Flying brick in the superman mold.
  Cyba:  Cyberpath.
  Diamond I:  "Brick" who isn't superhumanly strong at all, but who is almost impossible to hurt.  Her punches still land like a ton, because getting hit by her is like getting hit by a steel bar.
  Ghostkeeper:  Brick.  Member of the Enoch Cree nation who gains strength and speed from the power of his ancestors.
  Northstar:  Energy blaster with light powers.
  Pulse:  Energy blaster with vibratory powers.
  Wild Spirit:  Scrapper with animal powers.
Montreal, Quebec
Incendie:  "Blaze".  Energy blaster with fire powers.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rainbow Knight:  “Powered armor” hero whose powered armor acts more like the armor from the Guyver anime/manga series.  Gained his power through exposure to alien technology that fused itself to his body.

Chinese Hero Teams and Independent Heroes (People's Republic of China)


The People’s Revolutionary Metahuman Collective:  The national hero team of the People’s Republic of China.  The single largest hero team on Earth.  According to the government of the People's Republic, all Chinese superheroes are members of this team, and any Chinese superhumans operating independently are supervillains, by definition.  Interestingly enough, they label members of The Shield (the national hero team of Taiwan) as supervillains as well.


The Academician:  Mentalist with super-intelligence capable of remembering entire libraries of information.  Tactical genius.

  Blue Faced Demon:  Bestial brick with four arms.
  Bullet:  Speedster.
  Cloud Dragon:  Energy blaster with wind-control powers.
  Conduit:  Energy blaster with electrical powers.
  Crimson Tempest:  Energy blaster with "red energy" powers.
  Dream Sword:  Weapon master who uses a “psychic sword”.
  Earthquake Fist:  Martial brick.
  Furious Anger:  Scrapper in the same mold as Wolverine, but without the claws.
  Gossamer Storm:  Telekinetic with control over cloth.  Wears a costume that is extra long to give her something to work with.
  Granite Man:  Brick whose body is made of stone.
  Great Wall:  Energy Blaster with force field powers
  Hummingbird:  Shrinking energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Industry:  Gadgeteer/Powered armor.
  Iron Mask:  Powered armore wearer.  His armor is mystic, not technological, and appears when he wears an enchanted mask.
  Jade Titan:  Growth brick.
  Kite:  Winged flying speedster.  Uses martial arts weaponry.
  Lightning Dancer:  Speedster/blaster with electrical powers.
  Lion Claw:  Bestial martial brick
  Mindspark:  Mentalist.
  Northern Star:  Energy blaster with electro-magnetic powers.
  Obsidian Arrow:  Super-archer with trick arrows.
  Overpower:  Brick who absorbs energy to make herself stronger.  Believed to be the strongest woman in the world.
  Particle Man:  Energy blaster with radiation powers.  "Living energy" inside a containment suit.
  Phantom Panther:  Martial artist who can make herself intangible and invisible.
  Propaganda:  Mentalist specializing in mind control rather than telepathy.
  Quantum II:  Energy blaster with cosmic powers.
  Rebound:  Bouncing martial artist with mild kinetic powers.
  Red Tigress:  Bestial martial artist with cat powers.
  The Seven Brothers:  Duplicating martial brick
  Shining Dawn:  Flying brick with minor light powers.
  Steel Tortoise:  Powered armor wearer.
  Summer Cloud:  Energy blaster with weather control powers.
  Technocrat:  Gadgeteer
  Unity:  Power mimic
  Voltage:  Energy blaster with electrical powers.
  White Owl:  Winged "bird woman".  Heightened senses, wings, and claws.
Bai Hou:  "White Monkey".  Martial artist and weapon master.
Hong Kong
Yin and Yang:  Fraternal twins.  Considered outlaws and criminals by the communist Chinese government, despite their heroic actions, because they refuse to join the PRMC.
  Yin:  Mystic martial artist.
  Yang:  Mystic martial artist.

Lucky Bandit:  Mystic martial artist with enhanced reaction time and speed.  Considered an outlaw because he refuses to join the PRMC.  Works underground.

Whispering Dragon:  Teleporting martial artist.

Chinese Hero Teams and Independent Heroes (Republic of China)

The Shield:  National hero team of Taiwan.  Their primary concern is defending the island from the People’s Revolutionary Metahuman Collective, though they do try to stem crime on the island.
  Brightstar: Energy blaster with light powers.
  Discipline:  Martial artist/mentalist.
  Dragonfly:  Powered armor hero with an insect theme.
  The Hand of Fate:  Sorceress who uses a magic staff.
  Lord Dragon:  Shapeshifter/mystic.  An authentic Chinese dragon who takes human form.
  Nuclear Man:  Energy blaster with nuclear fusion powers.
  Rocket II:  Flying energy blaster/speedster with flame/heat/rocket exhaust powers.
  Tiger:  Martial brick with cat powers.

Egyptian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

The Pantheon I:  A team of heroes based in Cairo.  Their existence has sparked a new interest in the ancient gods of Egypt, something that the Muslim establishment doesn't like at all.
  Bast:  Bestial scrapper with feline powers.
  Geb:  Energy blaster with geokinetic powers.
  Hathor:  Brick.  A female "minotaur".
  Horus:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor has a "falcon" look to it, including mechanical winglets below the arms and the head of a falcon.
  Ma'at:  Mystic mentalist with "truthseeking" powers.  Unknown to the other members of the pantheon, Ma'at is an incarnation of the actual goddess and not just a "mortal" who has assumed the name.
  Shu:  Energy blaster with wind and weather powers.

English Hero Teams and Independent Heroes


Majestic:  Not a purely English hero team, but rather the "national" hero team of Great Britain.  Made up of Welsh, English, and Scottish heroes.  No Irish hero has ever been a member.

  Archdruid:  Mystic using “faerie magic” to control animals, plants, and the weather.
  Britannia:  Female Brick.  Leader of the team.
  Bulldog:  Scrapper who absorbs energy to make him stronger and faster.
  Cairn:  Energy Blaster with geokinetic powers.
  Galahad:  Brick.  Wears an enchanted suit of plate mail.
  The Nightwatchman:  Gadgeteer/martial artist in the Batman mold.  But not as gloomy.
  Yeoman:  Weapon master and super-archer.

Albion:  British hero who wields the legendary Excalibur.  Grandson of Pendragon and son of Excalibur.  Unlike his predecessors, he prefers to operate alone.


French Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Les Vengeurs:  French team more popular with the French national team.  They've got a bit of a viscious rivalry going..
  Arc de Lune:  "Moonbow".  Psychic weapon master who shoots "psionic arrows" from a psychic bow.
  Domino I:  Telekinetic energy blaster.
  Eclat:  "Burst".  Energy blaster with "firework" powers.  Bright lights and explosions.
  Mercury:  Shapeshifter made of "living liquid metal".  Imagine the T-1000 if the T-1000 actually had an imagination regarding shapes, and you get the idea.
  Obus:  "Cannonball".  Flying speedster who creates "rocket exhaust" when he flies.  Force field protects him from impact.
  Ombre Silencieuse:  "Silent Shadow".  Martial gadgeteer in the mold of Batgirl.
  Prodigy:  Martial artist who can "mimic" any non-superhuman skill or power he can see.  Superhumanly intelligent.  Perfect physical condition.
Europa:  Not actually a "French" team of superheroes.  Rather, its the "national" hero team of the European Union.  They are jointly funded by several of the major EU members, and headquartered in Strasbourg, France.
  Chimera:  Greek shapeshifter.
  Forrestal:  Austrian plant controller.
  Mindstalker:  Dutch mentalist who specializes in the manipulation of other people's senses.
  Quantum I:  Spanish energy blaster with cosmic powers.
  Slipknot:  Czech bendy toy with animated hair.
  Solar Centurion:  Italian powered armor wearer.  Armor is mystic rather than technological.
  Sound Barrier:  French energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Tesseract:  Energy blaster from Monaco with dimensional powers.
  Union Jack:  British flying speedster.
  Valkyrie:  Norwegian Weapon master/brick themed out as a classic valkyrie from myth.
  Vertigo:  Portuguese mentalist with vertigo induction powers.
  Zoom:  Romanian speedster.
Autour:  "Goshawk".  Battlesuit wearer with wings.
Chevalier:  "The Knight".  Powered armor wearer.

German Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Mondfeuer:  "Moonfire".  Mystic energy blaster with "silver fire" powers.
Pfeilspitze:  "Arrowhead".  Weapon master who uses a bow.
Geshwindigkeit:  "Speed"  Speedster.

Greek Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

The Pantheon II:  A team of heroes based out of Athens.  Popular in their homeland, almost unknown outside of it.
  Aphrodite:  Mentalist with emotion control/projection.  Empath.
  Artemis:  Weapon master who uses archery and spears.  Hunter-themed martial artist.
  Haephestus:  Powered armor wearer.
  Helios:  Energy blaster with solar powers.
  Hermes:  Speedster capable of "running" through the air on a platform of light.
  Iris:  Energy blaster with color/light powers.
  Ouros:  Brick with an earth theme.
  Proteus:  Shapeshifter.
Marathon:  Greek speedster.  Operates out of Athens.

Hungarian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Fafza Tel:  "Winter Willow".  Energy blaster with ice/cold powers.
Orvos Spila:  "Doctor Speed".  Speedster.

Indian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Ulkataranara:  :Comet Man".  A flying brick/energy projector with fire/heat powers and super-strength,
The Assembly:  The national superhero team of India.  A bit more sinister than most heroes are, as their first loyalty is to the government of India, rather to some intangible concept like “justice”.
  Anvil:  Super-strong metal man.
  Bagha:  Shapeshifter who turns into a tiger.
  Bhadhana:  “Stretch”.  Bendy-toy.
  Bhairavi:  Six-armed female brick/weapon master who uses swords.
  Bhutatodana:  Mystic
  Chamakana Dhala:  “Shining Shield”.  Weapon master and martial artist.
  Charm:  Sorceress.
  Conscience:  Mentalist
  Dharma:  Superman-style flying brick.
  Fusion:  Energy Blaster with nuclear powers.
  Ganesha:  Brick/Mystic.  Hindu deity made manifest.
  Kismet:  Superman-style flying brick.
  Mister Honey:  Sticky brick with adhesive powers.
  Naja:  Cyborg with a snake’s tail and wrist “fangs”.
  Prieta Vashtu:  Energy blaster who generates “psychic arrows”.
  Saraswati:  Energy Blaster with hydrokinetic powers.
  Shockwave:  Energy blaster with explosive powers.
  Surkha Khamba:  “Ruby Monolith” a brick who transforms into a gemstone form.
  Tataiya:  Super-athlete.  Martial artist and skill-heavy expert spy.
  Teja Vayu:  “Swift Wind”  Speedster
  Umbra:  Sorceress with “Shadow Magic” powers.
  Ushas:  Energy blaster with light powers.
  Zone:  Speedster with time control powers.
Mumbai Santari:  "The Bombay Sentinels".  Second largest hero team in India, and one of the most popular.
  Agniputra:  Martial artist with enhanced dexterity and superhuman senses.
  Bahadur:  Martial brick with heightened senses.
  Bantul:  Brick.
  Fauladi Singh:  Gadgeteer/battlesuit wearer.
  Koushik:  Cyborg martial artist with a mechanical arm.  Very intelligent and highly trained.
  Mahabali:  Super-athlete at the height of human perfection.
  Raaka:  Martial artist who is incapable of being killed permanently.  (He always wakes up after healing all damage.)
  Sabu:  Brick.  Permanently eight feet tall and very strong.  Tends to dress like a circus strongman.
  Shaktimaan:  Flying brick in the Superman mold.
  Supremo:  Super-athlete martial artist with a trained falcon sidekick.
  Tauji:  Mystic sorcerer.  Uses control of spirits and a magic wand.
  Vijayakanth:  Brick.

Indonesian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

The Bidadari:  A team of three super-powered women who operate across Indonesia.  The Bidadari are popular among the people of Indonesia, being seen as heroes of the people rather than tools of the government (which is seen as corrupt).  The fact that the three each represent the majority religions in Indonesia (Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism) reassures the religious segments of the population, and their cooperation provides confidence to the secular Indonesians.
  Kurus:  Bendy toy who becomes thin and stretchable.
  Matahari Merah:  Low-grade brick with fire powers.
  Matematika:  Martial artist with genius-level tactical acumen.

Israeli Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Tel Aviv
Section 19:  The "national hero team" of Israel isn't actually a team at all.  Rather, every government-employed metahuman works as an agent of Section 19, a division of the Mossad.  They mostly work as independent agents sent individually to accomplish a mission, but of course will team with other Section 19 agents when needed.
  Ambush:  Martial brick and former soldier.
  Ballistic:  Weapon master who uses twin pistols.  Said to be the best shot with a handgun in the world.
  Collossus:  Brick.
  Delilah:  Energy blaster with life-energy manipulation powers.
  Dust Devil:  Energy blaster/speedster with whirlwind powers.
  Desert Falcon:  Flying speedster with artificial wings.
  Golem:  Stone brick.  Not an actual golem.  Resembles the Thing, if the thing actually had human proportions.
  Judith:  Martial artist.
  Masada:  Growing brick.
  Merkava:  Brick.  Named after the Israeli main battle tank.
  Solomon:  Super-intelligent gadgeteer.
  Tatterdemalion:  Mystic martial artist with minor shadow/darkness powers.  Based on DC Comics "Ragman".
  The Wonder:  Mentalist.

Italian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Fortuna:  Female martial artist who is very, very lucky.
Indomabile:  Brick.  His powers are based on willpower and refusal to back down.
The Knights of Malta:  Not actually an "Italian" hero team per se.  Official hero team of the Roman Catholic Church.  Made up of super-powered clergy and laymen.  Operate out of the Isle of Malta.  All are dedicated to the Holy Mother Church.  The team emphasizes humanitarian work rather than the opposing of super villains, and are regularly involved in the restoration of communities after natural disasters.
  Aurora:  Energy blaster with electro-magnetic powers.  Canadian.
  Broadsword:  Weapon master who uses a sword.  Swiss.
  Cathedral:  Growing brick.  Italian.
  Choir:  Energy blaster with sonig powers.  Polish nun.
  Crusader:  Brick with "psychic armor" and a "psychic sword".  German.
  Eden:  Mentalist who projects a "calmness field" within which no one is capable of thinking hostile thoughts.  Austrian nun.
  Faith:  Mentalist.  Irish.
  Lifeline:  Energy blaster with body control/healing powers.  American.
  Mass:  Energy blaster with gravity powers.  Italian priest.
  Plenty:  Energy blaster with matter manipulation powers.
  Rampart:  Brick with a personal force field.
  Scanner:  Flying brick in the superman mold.  Multiple enhanced senses.
  The Sculptor:  Energy blaster with stone animation powers.
  Ultra:  Flying brick in the Supergirl mold.  Mexican
Siren:  Mystic "sea witch" with weather-affecting magic.

Iranian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

The Fist of Allah:  Amazingly strong brick.  Usually works as a bodyguard for Ali Hoseyni Khāmene’i (the supreme religious leader of Iran), but is often called upon to help out with natural disasters and super-crime that occurs in the Islamic Republic.  All rumors (and propaganda) to the contrary aside, he is a good-natured man with a true interest in justice who enjoys the warm feelings he gets when he helps people out.  He's also aware of the fact that he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and trusts that the leaders of his country would never steer him wrong when it came to giving him assignments.  He's naive, not corrupt or evil.

Japanese Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Doctor Otaku:  Gadgeteer.  Another teenage Japanese hero.  He's in it for the fun and to show off he's smarter than anyone around him..
Senshudan One:  One of the premiere hero teams of Japan (there are several hero teams in Japan that call themselves "Premiere").  Senshudan One is well-respected and well-liked in their own country, and generally seen as effective outside of it.  They operate out of Tokyo (as do most of Japan's superheroes).
  Hawk Rider:  Power armor wearer with mechanical wings and a bird-like theme.
  Robot Ichiro:  Brick/blaster.  Android hero programmed by its dying creator to protect Japan.
  Shadow Dragon:  Martial artist/weapon master who uses war fans and throwing darts as weapons.
  Stuntman:  Minor brick with fast healing.  Skilled hand-to-hand fighter.
  Sunshine:  Energy blaster with solar powers.
  Tsunami:  Energy blaster with weather-control powers.
The Super Squad:  One of the premiere hero teams of Japan (there are several hero teams in Japan that call themselves "Premiere").  A team popular with the youth of Japan.
  Kiku:  “Chrysanthemum”.  Energy Blaster/Martial artist with “flower powers” and plant control.  Works as a mole for General Taira within the Super Squad, one of Tokyo's hero teams.
  Fidobakku:  "Feedback".  Energy blaster with sound powers.
  Kodotai:  "Zodiac".  Metamorph who can assume the shapes of the zodiac animals.
  To:  "Tower".  Powered armor wearer.
Tetsuronin:  "Iron Warrior".  Powered armor wearer with perhaps the most advanced weapon system on earth.
Wonder Girl:  Flying brick in the Supergirl mode.  She's only 14.  Makes a lot of TV appearances, and has just released a best-selling album of pop covers.

Latvian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Zvaigzne Sieviete:  "Star Woman".  Density brick.  The only superhero active in Latvia.  Based in Riga.

Liberian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

African Spirit:  A multinational team of African heroes whose mandate is to "protect the peoples of Africa".  Realistically, they oppose criminal threats and natural disasters in eastern Africa (the entire continent being too big for them to handle by themselves).  Based in Monrovia, Liberia, the members of African Spirit were gathered together by Master Mist, after the Immortal sorcerer overthrew the dictatorial rule of President Charles Taylor and took over the rule of Liberia himself.  It is interesting to note that no member of African Spirit comes from one of the African-Arab states, such as Tunisia, Libya or Egypt.
  Firebird:  Energy blaster with fire powers.
  Lioness:  Bestial brick with feline powers.
  Onus:  Energy blaster with force/kinetic powers.  The only Caucasian member of the team.
  Parhelion:  Brick with force field powers.
  Peacemaker:  Battlesuit wearer.  Sleek rather than clunky.
  Reserve:  Brick who absorbs energy (kinetic and otherwise) to become stronger and harder to hurt.
  Resolute:  Powered armor wearer.
  Shaft:  Weapon master who uses a spear.
  Stealth:  Shrinker.
Master Mist:  Mystic sorcerer.  Ruler of Liberia.  Is said to be immortal and a thousand years old.

Mexican Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Los Angeles de la Guarda:  "The Guardian Angels".  A popular hero team known for its honesty and integrity.
  Halazgo:  "Brainwave"  Telepathic mentalist.
  Senor Atomico:  "Mister Atomic".  Energy blaster with radiation powers.
  Puma:  Bestial brick with feline powers.
  Relampago:  "Flash of Lightning".  Flying brick with electrical powers.
  El Santo Enmascarado de Plata:  "The Silver-Masked Saint".  A brick and Luchador Enmascadero.  Uses his great strength, durability, and skill at wrestling to fight crime.  Very popular hero.
Mexico City
El Aguila Solitaria:  "The Lonely Eagle".  Weapon master who uses a bow, and wears a winged harnes that allows him to fly.
El Dorado:  Martial artist/gadgeteer in the Batman mold.
Macahuitl:  Martial artist and weapon master who dresses in an Aztec theme.  The son of Queztocoatl.
Los Magnificos:  "The Magnificents".  A long-established hero team.  Lately, the team has been accused of actively avoiding the activities of certain organized crime families, leading to accusations of bribery and corruption.
  Araña Verde:  "Green Spider"  Super-athlete, acrobat, and martial artist with artificial "web launchers" on each wrist.
  El Buho:  "The Owl".  A detective in the Batman mold.  Uses a mystical mask to give him enhanced senses.
  Enigma:  Super-athlete martial artist who is invulnerable to bullets.
  Evolucion:  "Evolution".  Brick with "reactive evolution" powers.  He gains those defensive and sensory powers he needs depending on the situation he finds himself in (he gains night vision in darkness, he grows gills if he's underwater, fireproof skin if he's in a fire, and so on).
  El Halcon Blanco:  "White Hawk".  Energy blaster with cold powers.
  Meteorix:  Brick.  Transforms from a normal human to a large blue-skinned hulking brute.
  La Mosca Humana:  "The Human Fly".  A shrinking energy blaster with "bio-energy" powers.
Los Hombres Intrepidos:  "The Intrepid Men".  A small but active group that has been making great strides against the drug trade.
  Gideon:  Power mimic who can duplicate the abilities of whoever he is fighting.
  Petra:  "Stone Girl"  Geokinetic energy blaster.
  Sacudimiento:  "Swayl".  Speedster who can increase or decrease the flow of time around him.
  Salvaje:  "Feral".  Bestial martial artist with animal powers.

Nepalese Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Sagarmatha:  Nepalese brick who is permanently twelve feet tall.  Weighs close to three tons.  National hero of Nepal (and one of the few superhumans native to that land).  Called "Everest" in English-speaking countries, much to his annoyance.

New Zealander Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

The Defenders:  The national hero team of New Zealand.  Its a small team, because New Zealand just doesn't see all that much super-crime.
  Artificer:  Gadgeteer
  Moonshadow:  Energy blaster with dark and light powers.
  Wahieroa:  Gestalt incarnation of the mythical Maori hero of the same name.

Nigerian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Ogun:  A "metallo-kinetic" who wears a suit of "powered armor" that increases his strength and toughness.

Polish Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Tecza:  "Rainbow".  Energy blaster with light powers.
Zmierzch:  "Twilight".  Energy blaster with darkness powers.

Portuguese Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Corrente:  "Chainmail".  Mystic brick who uses a big chain in battle and wears chainmail.

Romanian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Domn Bronz:  Brick.  Body of bronze.

Russian Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Russian Dawn:  The national hero team of Russia.
  Byelebog:  Brick.  Deity of the Sun and light from Russian myth.  Wields a big battleaxe that returns to him when he throws it.
  Doctor Vohlk:  Bendy toy.  Genius.  A scientist in the Reed Richards mold.
  Mikula:  Mentalist.  Telepathy and telekinesis.
  Perepis:  Cyberkinetic.
  Plamya:  “Flame”  Energy Blaster with fire-based powers.
  Prezma:  “Prism”  Energy Blaster with color-based light powers.
  Spartak:  “Spartacus”.  Super-athlete with martial arts training.  Former spetznatz.
  Syeryebro:  “Silver”.  Energy blaster with telekinetic and force powers.
  Ursa:  Shapeshifting brick.  Transforms into a bear.
  Winter Wolf:  Animalistic scrapper.  Minor brick.
  Zemletpyasenee:  "Earthquake:.  Energy blaster with earth manipulator powers.
Saint Petersberg
Protonik:  Flying brick in the Superman mold.  Doesn't get along well with the members of Russian Dawn as he sees them as operatives of the government more than heroes in their own right.
Vulnapyezdka:  "Waverider".  Energy blaster/metamorph with water powers.  Can turn into water.

Scottish Teams and Independent Heroes

The Highland Warriors:  A family of metahumans who work to protect Scotland from all threats.  They've all individually been invited to Majestic at one time or another, and have all refused.
  Creag:  Brick with geokinetic powers.
  Gale:  Energy blaster with wind powers.
  Hadrian:  Energy blaster with force powers.
  Ion:  Energy blaster with light powers.

Singaporean Teams and Independent Heroes

Silverwing:  Energy blaster with cosmic energy powers.

South African Teams and Independent Heroes

The White Legion:  Once, this team of "heroes" was the national superteam of South Africa.  Officially, the government has severed all ties with the group, and has stopped funding its activities in response to censure and sanctions from other nations, all of whom saw the White Legion as little more than a government-funded terrorist group.  Unofficially, the government of South Africa still support (and fund) the team's operations, despite the "distancing" of interests.
  Heretic:  Mentalist specializing in mind control.
  Mob Rule:  Duplicator who can make dozens of duplicates.
  Myrmidon:  Powered armor wearer.
  Paladin:  Flying brick in the Superman mold.
  Salamander:  Energy blaster with fire powers.
  Silk Spider:  Martial brick with spider powers.
  Spire:  Growing brick.
  Summer Storm:  Energy blaster with weather control powers.
  Traveler:  Flying speedster
No Fixed Location
Gazelle:  Speedster capable of incredible leaps.  Considered an outlaw in South Africa

South Korean Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Soaring Eagle:  Telekinetic energy blaster.

Swiss Teams and Independent Heroes

The Warlock:  Sorcerer.  The earth’s Archmage; the most powerful wielder of magic alive today, and the mystic protector of the planet.  He takes the long view, and sometimes what he has to do to protect the planet isn’t all that nice.  He's actually Romanian (his real name is Serban Barbeneru), but makes his home in Switzerland.

Turkish Teams and Independent Heroes

The Five Pillars:  A team of devout Islamic heroes who support a secular society nonetheless.  They are especially opposed to the Mujahedin, and try to work to smooth relations between Muslims and westerners.
  Batina:  Female mentalist.  She wears the full veil and burqa, and is the only female member of the team to do so.
  Caracal:  Weapon master who uses a jambiya.  Catlike reflexes.
  Hammer:  Brick capable of controlling his own density.
  The Iron Amir:  Powered armor wearer.
  Orbit:  Energy blaster with gravity powers.
  Saluqi:  Speedster.
  Sunfire:  Energy blaster with "solar powers".
Ibrahim:  Mystic sorcerer.  Considered by most in the magical community to be the "Archmage in waiting", and generally the second-most powerful wizard in the world.

Other Hero Teams and Independent Heroes

Worldwide Operation With No Set Base
Amnesty:  Omni-capable superhero.  The gestalt incarnation of Mercy.  A healer.  Omega-level hero.
Outer Space
The Guardsmen:  Corps of "space cops" using Clarke's Law level technological battlesuits.  Each is the protector of their own solar system, but they do team up to oppose greater threats.  In Earth's solar system, while Pierre Montblanc concentrates his attention on Earth, he is also responsible for the human colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as the colony of Lor'esh on Titan.  He is technology also charged with the protection of the dirigible-fish living in the atmosphere of Jupiter, but as those are non-sentient animals, he rarely checks up on them.
  Adara of Correel:  Green skinned, black-haired female humanoid.
  Alisand'r of Kathoon:  Gold-skinned, red-haired humanoid.  Eyes are pure robin's egg blue, no pupils.  Two thumbs on each hand.
  Branwilla of Masseh:  Huge, massive humanoid resembling something of a cross between a man and a sharpei.
  B'shi of Surpalarm:  Small, vaguely monkey-like reptilian alien with a tail.
  Itzool P'taht of Phaz:  Silicon humanoid.  Looks like a man-shaped diamond.
  Jaya Dayanti of Denpasarr:  Blue-skinned, feathered humanoid.
  Kreon Tabris of Quahooga:  Humanoid (very humanlike, in fact, except for skin color and eye shape).
  Kr'Suv ir'Pxla of Krdun:  Humanoid species with four arms and antennae.
  Kwarri of Aa:  A silicon-based life form.  Non-humanoid.
  Larifars Balzona of Abin:  Red-skinned ambphibious humanoid.  Vaguely newt-like in appearance.
  Ord Hirang of Trodyn:  Doglike humanoid.
  Pheran Kaness of Shandrenni
  Q'mthel of Octlan:  A large octopoid species, resembling pink and purple octopi.
  Yrxxt Zsx of Kxzxn:  Spider-like species.  Webspinners.

Villains Active Worldwide

Abyss:  Immortal eco-terrorist master-villain out to save the Earth’s biosphere from the humans living in it any way he can.  Created monster island.  Utilizes biotechnology (and “living technology”) that is millennia ahead of anything else available on earth.
Adamant:  Brick.  Near-indestructible alien robot designed and programmed to destroy cities.  Originally a war-machine built by one side of an alien war, it ended up destroying both species involved in the war, then went looking for more victims.
Apocalypse:  World-threatening energy blaster with nuclear powers.
The Bishop:  Mentalist.  Superhuman assassin for hire.  Burns your brain from the inside out.
The Blades:  Mercenary trio of villains, each of whom is the master of a bladed weapon.
  Katana:  Weapon master and martial artist.  Japanese woman.
  Scimitar:  Weapon master and martial artist.  Saudi man.
  Stiletto:  Weapon master and martial artist.  Spanish man.
The Blood Red King:  Omni-capable supervillain considered the deadliest being on Earth.  A gestalt incarnation of fear who scares the living daylights out of everyone he encounters.  Omega-level villain.
Bromion, Lord of Order:  Comically powerful mystic entity that desires to make order of the universe.
The Card Sharks:  A team of five card-themed mercenary villains/thieves.  They take their look from the leading cards of the spades suit.
  Ace:   Brick.
  Jack:  Weapon master who uses an “energy mace”.
  King:  Weapon master who uses a sword.
  Queen:  Psionic energy blaster.
  Ten:  Martial artist/energy blaster who throws darts shaped like spades from a deck of cards.
Cargill Industries:  An international conglomerate with its fingers in all sorts of immoral pies.  A complete lack of morality is Cargill’s business model, and its sole goal is to bring more power to its CEO and majority stockholder, Lexington Cargill.
  Cargill, Lexington:  Ruthless businessman.  Brilliant thinker and planner who is usually two steps ahead of anyone opposing him.  Genius at covering his tracks.  Seeks power for its own sake, despite already being one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the world.
  Charity:  Brick/martial artist.  Genetically engineered clone who operates as Lexington Cargill’s bodyguard.  Also provides “miscellaneous personal services” to Cargill, if you know what I mean and I think that you do.
  Faith:  Brick/martial artist.  Genetically engineered clone who operates as Lexington Cargill’s bodyguard.  Also provides “miscellaneous personal services” to Cargill, if you know what I mean and I think that you do.
  Hope:  Brick/martial artist.  Genetically engineered clone who operates as Lexington Cargill’s bodyguard.  Also provides “miscellaneous personal services” to Cargill, if you know what I mean and I think that you do.
  Van Dyne-Smythe, Westley:  Personal assistant and general gopher/liaison for Lexington Cargill.  The person most likely to be talked to when one goes to talk to Cargill himself.  The one human being other than himself that Cargill trusts.  Despite being a weedy, milquetoast of a man, no one in the organization is ever rude to Westley, for fear of it getting back to Cargill.
El Cerebro:  Spanish mentalist who operates worldwide.  Very powerful, selfish, and child-like.  What he wants, he takes, and if you piss him off, he'll take everything from you.
Cold Comfort:  Martial artist and weapon master.  Highly trained normal who hunts supernatural menaces.  Note that she considers any magical being. monster, or user of magic to qualify as a supernatural menace.
Dagon:  Ocean-going sorcerer who serves the Old Ones.  A primordial god fused in the body of a modern human.  Looks like a mind flayer from AD&D.
Demise:  Weapon master and martial artist.  An assassin for hire capable of turning even the most innocuous object into a deadly weapon.  Generally considered the deadliest superhuman assassin on the planet.
The Fatal Four:  A group of deadly supervillains with a reputation for successful operations.
  Carnivore:  Bestial brick.
  Cerebellum:  One of the most powerful mentalists alive.
  Halftrack:  Cyborg whose lower body has been replaced by a set of miniature tank tracks.
  Urania:  Energy Blaster with gravity powers.
Gaea’s Children:  Eco-terrorist supervillains.
  Flame:  Energy Blaster with fire powers.
  Mountain:  Brick with earth powers.
  River:  Energy blaster with hydrokinetic powers.
  Wind:  Energy blaster with wind powers.
HardCorps:  Mercenary supervillains known to be reliable and effective.
  Aftershock:  Energy blaster with vibration powers.
  Bamm-Bamm:  One of the strongest men on earth.  A brick with Down’s Syndrome.  Utterly loyal to Eightball, who watches out for Bamm Bamm like the latter were his kid brother.
  Bruiser:  Martial artist whose fists structurally weaken anything they strike.
  Caliber:  Power armor wearer whose suit is built around a single gigantic gun.
  Eightball:  Martial artist with enhanced physical abilities.
  Go-Go:  Speedster and dancer.
  Stone:  Brick who turns himself into stone.
The Hellqueen:  Mystic sorcerer who summons demons.  Would-be world-beater.
The Iron Legion:  A band of powered-armor wearing mercenaries.  All armor worn is identical with only minor variation based on function
  Blue:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set up for heavy weapons and strength at the expense of some mobility.
  Green:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set for front line combat, balancing armor, maneuverability, and weaponry.
  Indigo:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set up for heavy weapons and strength at the expense of some mobility.
  Orange:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set for front line combat, balancing armor, maneuverability, and weaponry.
  Red:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set up for command functions, using the "front line combat" setup with more sensory equipment.
  Violet:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set up for reconaissance and scouting, adding speed and maneuverability at the expense of some armor and weaponry.
  Yellow:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is set up for reconaissance and scouting, adding speed and maneuverability at the expense of some armor and weaponry.
Megaton:  Vastly powerful energy blaster with radiation powers.  Wanna-be world-beater whose never quite ascended to "criminal mastermind" level.
Merlin:  “Sorcerer” from the far future who uses high-technology to replicate magical effects.
Mujahedin:  A team of super-powered Muslim extremists.  Considered terrorists in most parts of the world, and thought heroes in other parts.
  The Eye of God:  Clairvoyant swordsman.  Capable of seeing the future.
  The Hand of God:  Brick with force field powers and telekinesis.  Has a “personal field” that effectively makes him grow taller and stronger.
  The Imam:  Mentalist.
  Ifrit:  Mystic energy blaster with fire powers.  An authentic djinn from arab mythology.
  Saladin:  Brick.  Former non-religious, secular superhero and member of the Five Pillars who “found religion” and left that team for the Mujahedin.
  The Voice of God:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
The Oppressor:  Mystic brick.  Construct created by the Bromion, Lord of Order to "cleanse the mortal realm" by removing free will and chaotic impulses.
Oracle:  Tautiq mentalist.  Known to play both sides of the street.  Mostly interested in protecting the rights and interests of other telepaths.
Paragon:  Power mimic.  Megalomaniac who may be one of the most powerful beings on the planet.
Shivering Jemmy, Lord of Chaos:  Massively powerful cosmic entity dedicated to making the universe much more random.
Sweet Synn:  Mentalist/brick.  A succubus in who conceals her demonic nature in a beautiful human form.  Seduces and corrupts men of power for her own amusement.
The War Machine:  Mercenary supervillains who will take any job if the pay is high enough.  Constant rivals with the Iron Legion.
  Warbird:  Powered armor wearer with under-arm "wings" and micro-missile launchers.
  Warcry:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Warhead:  Energy blaster with explosive powers.
  Warmonger:  Martial brick.
  Warpath:  Weapon master/martial artist.  Archer.
The Warlord:  Powered armor wearer from the future.  Didn't like the way things were going in his time, so he came back to change them.
Weaponsmith:  Gadgeteer.  Makes weapons for other villains.
The Wraith:  Mercenary thief.  Martial artist who can become intangible.

Villains Active in Africa

The Great White Hunter:  Battlesuit/gadgeteer.  British aristocrat who grew bored with hunting animals and decided to hunt "the most dangerous game".  Being quite the racist, he only hunts minority metahumans.  He never attacks Caucasians unless in self-defense.
Hyena:  Bestial scrapper/minor brick.  Kenyan who operates across the African continent.

Villains Active in Africa and Europe

The Children of Set:  A cult worshipping Set, the Egyptian god of Darkness and Chaos.
  Maahes:  Brick.  Head of a lion, body of a man.  An Egyptian soldier possessed by the spirit of the ancient God of Bloodshed.
  Menhit:  Brick.  Possessed of the spirit of the Lion Goddess of Bloodshed.
  Nephthys:  Mystic sorceress.  The Egyptian goddess and wife of Set, possessing the body of an Egyptian archeologist.
  Sebek:  Shapeshifter who can turn into a giant crocodile.
  Sekhmet: Energy blaster with disease/plague powers.

Villains Active in Asia

The Comets:  A team of high-tech mercenary villains operating in Asia.
  Daemon:  Vietnamese cyborg scrapper with enhanced physical abilities.
  Deadlock:  Australian cyborg martial artist with skill-enhancing upgrades.
  Itachi: Japanese powered armor wearer.  Her suit is more like Booster Gold's than Iron Man's.
  Monkeywrench:  Korean gadgeteer.  Chimpanzee who likes to tinker with machines.
  Yamato: Japanese powered armor wearer.  His armor is more reminiscent of a battleship.
Kala Bagha Mandali:  A secret organized crime organization specializing in smuggling, drug trafficking, hijacking, and other lucrative endevours.  They are Tarot's biggest competition in south central and south east asia, and have grown so quickly they are more than just a token competition.  Based in India
  Kala Bagha:  A martial artist of some renown.  He is said to have superhuman strength and resistance to injury, but the details vary with the speaker.
  Katar:  Weapon master who uses a katar.
  The Ratlord: Mentalist who controls rats.
Harajagara: "Green Python". Indian martial artist/weapon master who uses envenomed blades.
Kazan: "Volcano". Japanese energy blaster with lava/magma powers.
Rakshasa:  Indian mentalist specializing in illusions and deception.  Thief considered more annoying than dangerous, despite his power.
Saba Devatao:  "Heavenly Chorus".  Duplicating weapon master.

Villains Active in Asia and Australia

Maelstrom:  Energy blaster with "typhoon" powers of wind and water.
Nemesis:  Energy reflector looking to become very rich.  Operates in Australia and southeast Asia.
Nether:  Energy blaster with temporal powers who can make people age and weaken.  Hired assassin.

Villains Active in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania

Armageddon:  Brick with “demon powers”.  A religious fanatic mercenary supervillain.
Bloodlust:  Mercenary Brick
Taipan:  Martial brick with snake powers (including a poisonous bite).
The Web:  Spider-themed villains
  Black Widow:  Martial artist/weapon master with wrist-mounted dart launchers.
  Funnelweb:  Martial brick with spider-powers.  Agile and quick.
  Spinnerette:  Energy blaster who creates “webs” as weapons.
  Tarantula:  Brick with spider-powers.  Not as quick as Funnelweb.

Villains Active in Canada Only

Chain Lightning:  Mercenary energy blaster with electrical powers.

Villains Active in Both Central and South America

Los Asesinos:  "The Assassins".  Mercenary villains from Central and South America who are most often employed by one drug cartel or the other.
  Gorrion:  "Sparrow".  Powered armor with a bird theme.
  Monkey:  Bestial scrapper who uses a pair of machetes.
  Montana:  Brick.  Permanently eight feet tall.
  Mosquito:  Shrinking energy blaster with sonic powers.
  Muerte Oscura:  Energy blaster with darkness powers.

Villains Active in China (People's Republic of China) Only

The Overlord:  Mystic sorcerer using magical relics and spells.  Called "the Chinese Lord Doom".

Villains Active in Europe


Abattoir:  Telekinetic serial killer.

Agamemmnon:  Brick/energy blaster.  Mercenary villain.
The Alchemist:  Gadgeteer who uses "chemical transformation" powers.
The Aspirant:  Sorcerer who wields "the cold flame".  Seeks to become the Archmage by overthrowing the Warlock.
Bestiario:  "Bestiary".  Spanish shapechanger able to assume animal shapes.
Black Angel:  Polish winged mystic with demonic powers.  Claims to be a medieval-period sorcerer who made a really bad deal (or good, depending on your point of view) for immortality and power.
The Confessor:  Energy blaster.  Psychotic former priest who wants to "cleanse the world of sin" using his "heavenly fire".  Does not believe he's a mutant.  Instead, he's convinced he is directly channeling the power of God.
Dinimo:  "Dynamo".  Italian energy blaster with electrical powers.
Domino III:  Martial artist/weapon master.  Lucky.  Very lucky.
Dracula:  King of the vampires.  Need I say more?
Der Fallensteller:  "The Trapper".  German gadgeteer who specializes in bonds and traps.
The Four Winds:  A group of wind/weather themed villains.  Mercenaries and thieves.
  Flurry:  Energy blaster.  Wind and cold powers.
  Hurricane:  Energy Blaster.  Wind and weather powers.
  Sirocco:  Energy Blaster.  Wind and heat powers.
  Tornado:  Energy Blaster:  Whirlwind powers.
Frankenstein, Heinrich:  Gadgeteer/mad scientist.  Descendant of the legendary Victor von Frankenstein.
Glaserwyrm:  "Ice Dragon".  An honest to God European-style dragon.  Operates in Scandanavia and northern Russia.
The Headhunters:  A quartet of superhuman assassins who only take contracts against metahumans (they believe that anything other than superhuman targets is a waste of their skills).
  Paradigm:  Martial artist.  A metahuman "genius" whose power is to be perfect at anything he does.
  The Red Baron:  Powered armor wearer with "crimson energy" weapons.
  Reisig:  Growing brick.
  Vetra:  Energy blaster with wind powers.
Der Kafer:  "The Beetle".  German.  Heavily armored insectile brick.
Das Neureich:  A group of super-powered German neo-nazi white supremacists.
  Abwehr:  “Defense”.  Brick.  Perfect picture of the old “Aryan ideal”.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect musculature, and arrogant as all get-out.
  Eisenkrieger:  Brick who can transform into iron.
  Heul:  “Howl”.  Energy Blaster with sonic powers.
  Kabarett:  “Cabaret”.  Martial artist and dancer.
  Komet:  “Comet”.  A speedster with minor fire-powers.
Radian:  Swiss mentalist with a "magic lantern" whose light exposes lights and secrets, among other things.  He uses it to blackmail people.
Der Schwarze Tod:  "The Black Death".  Energy blaster with "plague" powers.
The Troll II:  Brick.  An actual troll from myth and faerie tales.  Bodyguard/toughman for hire among the criminal set.
The Widdershins Man:  German satanist mystic with big plans for the world.  Got his name because of a magical mishap which transposed his left hand to his right arm (and vice versa) and his left foot to his right leg (and vice versa).

Villains Active in Both Europe and Asia

Asp:  Speedster.  Mercenary supervillain with snake-powers.
Beek:  "Ox".  Russian brick.
Fusion:  Energy blaster with radiation powers.  Russian mercenary supervillain.
Ishmael:  Martial brick.  Claims to be immortal and hundreds of years old.
Molnya:  "Lightning".  Russian energy blaster with electrical powers.
Red October:  A pro-communist villain group that wants to return Russia to Soviet rule.  They believe that democracy has done nothing but corrupt the “beneficent and just” Russian life under the communist regime.
  Bolshoi:  Martial speedster.  Dancer.
  Borzoi:  Scrapper with canine powers.
  Hammer and Sickle:  Density controlling brick.
  Molotov:  Energy blaster with heat/fire/gas powers.
  Pravda:  Mentalist.  Mind-control specialist.  Arrogant and ambitious.
  Proletariat:  Brick.  Absorbs kinetic energy to grow stronger.
Slun:  "The Bishop".  Russian mentalist.
Technyik:  Russian cyberpath and battlesuit wearer.

Villains Active in Both Europe and North America

Black Annis:  Fae shapeshifter with plant powers.  Kidnapper and devourer of children.
The Circle of Black Thorns:  An order of mystics and sorcerers dedicated to overthrowing Heaven and instituting a reign of evil over the earth (and put themselves in control over it all in the end).
Crosshair:  Weapon master.  Superhuman assassin for hire.  A superb marksman who brags that he’s “never missed”, and for the most part is correct.
Doctor XX:  Gadgeteer.  Rampantly crazed geneticist and militant feminist who believes that having a male gender is a mistake of nature.  She uses a "gender-switch gun" which is capable of turning men female (and vice versa), along with other weapons designed to affect the gender lines.
The Hellfire Club:  A group of mystic-oriented supervillains, all of whom are either active Satanists or else are so corrupt that they don't care if their companions are Satanists.  As a group, they're in it for the money and the power.
  The Beast II:  Bestial brick.  A werewolf and cannibal who is in it for the killing, not the money nor the power.
  Belcher:  Energy blaster whose body creates noxious clouds that he belches forth.
  Goat Boy:  Brick.  A monstrous creature, half-human, half goat, that might well be a demon incarnate.
  Inferno:  Energy blaster with fire powers.  A teenage pyromaniac and demon worshipper.
  Lilith:  Weapon master.  Whip-wielding dominatrix and sadist.
  Thorne, Damien:  Charismatic sorcerer who claims to be the son of the Devil himself.
Jane Doe:  Metamorph and literal identity thief.  She takes people's appearances, knowledge, and lives for her own.
The Rose and the Lion:  A pair of villains seeking to murder the Emperor of Tarot for crimes against their family.
  Black Rose II:  Sorceress and necromancer.  The last living descendant of the Black Lion.
  Black Lion:  A resurrected medieval knight with mystic weaponry and the power of the undead.  Rides an undead horse.
The Scions:  The telepathic children of the villain Cerebellum.  They are carrying out a war against their father and don’t care if innocent people are caught in the crossfire.
  Covert:  David Moeller.  Telepath.
  Impulse:  Micah Moeller.  Telepath
  Desire:  Daphne Moeller.  Telepath
  Urge:  Angelique Moeller.  Telepath
Tom Foolery:  Gadgeteer.  Sadistic clown who uses gimmicked toys.  The Joker of the Butlerverse.
The Vandolls:  Team of female supervillains created by Brainchild of the Brain Trust as a one-use tool.  They stuck to the villainy after he released them from his control.
  Cheesecake:  Mentalist with pheromone-based mind control over men.
  Knockout:  Brick who carries a gun despite being able to lift tanks.
  Peekaboo:  Energy blaster with illusion powers.
  Penny Ante:  Former mafia princess.  Martial artist/weapon master who fights with a staff.
Snapdragon:  Brick with plant powers.

Villains Active in France Only

No Fixed Location
Mindscape:  French mentalist specializing in illusions.

Villains Active in Great Britain Only

No Fixed Location
Blindside:  British mercenary speedster.  Sociopath.
Mister Fright:  Mentalist who creates fear.  Sadist who enjoys causing pain and anguish.

Villains Active in Italy Only

The Shadow Academy:  As the years went on and the Hyperion Academy continued to send out generation after generation of new superhero, the Emperor of TAROT realized that having easy access to a new crop of supervillains would be a good thing.  Naturally, given the inclinations of the students involved, there are many more disciplinary problems than at Hyperion, but in the end, the effect of training villains-to-be has been felt around the world.
  Gladiator:  Brick who enjoys fighting.
  Icicle:  Energy blaster with cold/ice powers.
  Penny:  Duplicating martial artist.
  Raptor:  Clawed speedster.
  Sloth:  Energy blaster who induces lethargy and fatigue.
  Sweet Sorrow:  Mentalist.  Manipulates the darker emotions.
No Fixed Location

I Padroni Della Malvagita:  "The Masters of Evil".  A group of Italian supervillains who have banded together after realizing that they were much more effective cooperating than otherwise.  Well trained and disciplined, they fight together like a unit rather than as a group of individuals.  This combined with their utter ruthlessness has caused them to be named one of the most dangerous villain teams on earth.


Fuoco Bianco:  "White Fire".  Human torch style "man on fire" energy blaster, but his flames are white and silver.


Molto Male:  "Very Bad".  Martial brick who uses a wrist-mounted dart gun as a weapon.


Sciocco:  "Fool".  Low-intelligence, high-strength brick.  Very tough, very aggressive.  He goes where Molto Male points him.


Sinapsi:  "Synapse".  Mentalist.


Scorpiona: "Scorpion".  Female martial artist who uses clawed gloves dosed with a nerve agent.


Ultrasonico:  "Ultrasonic".  Energy blaster with sound powers.

  Venta:  "The Wind".  Energy blaster with wind powers.

Villains Active in Japan Only

The Black Dragon Society:  Based in Kanagawa, but active across the country.  A Yakuza gang that controls a greater majority of the street crime in Japan.  Its members are all highly experienced criminals.  Most qualify as trained agents, especially the dedicated fighters and the handful of ninjas that have sword loyalty to the Obayun of the Society.
No Fixed Location
Bushido:  A terrorist agency dedicated to removing all foreign cultural and political influence from Japan.  They see the modern Japanese government as a disgraceful band of traitors shaped by the shameful defeat of Japan in World War II.  The organization’s agents are cyber-enhanced ninjas.
  General Taira:  Power armor wearer.  A former high-ranking officer in Japan’s defense force, he still insists on being addressed by his old rank despite being court-martialed in abstentia.  His armor resembles the classic samurai armor
  Kamikaze:  Energy blaster with wind powers.
  Kiku:  “Chrysanthemum”.  Energy Blaster/Martial artist with “flower powers” and plant control.  Works as a mole for General Taira within the Super Squad, one of Tokyo's hero teams.
  Raiden:  Martial artist/energy blaster with lightning powers.  Claims to be an incarnation of the Japanese deity of the same name, but there is contrary evidence.
  Sleeve:  Martial artist/weapon master.  Modern day ninja.
  Torune-do:  “Tornado”.  Speedster.

Villains Active in North America

All Hallow’s Eve:  A monstrously evil group of villains who either never had any humanity in the first place, or who willingly turned their back on it.  People die when these guys come out to play.
  Black Rose I:  A sorceress and member of the Norse black elves.
  Crypt Thing:  Female brick.  A zombie with most of her mind intact.  Hates her own condition but hates the world more.
  Fenris: Werewolf.
  The Patchwork Man:  Frankenstein’s monster.  A man of reanimated flesh.  Brick.
  Pumpkin Jack:  A fae creature made of straw with a Pumpkin for a head.  Fire powered energy blaster and blade-wielding fighter.
  Shadowspawn:  Energy blaster with darkness powers.  Inhuman alien invader using his “teammates” to soften up Earth’s defenses before the big invasion.
Blue Rose:  Mentalist.  Telekinetic with minor telepathic powers.
Deadworks:  Ghostly mentalist who possesses dead bodies for his own purposes.
Deathmaster:  Necromancer.  Master of soul magic and death magic.  Likes to arm himself with zombies.
Doctor Devastation:  Would-be criminal mastermind who uses tailored bioweapons.  Occasionally hires mercenary supervillains.
The Furies:  Four female villains with a love of destruction and no care for whom they hurt.  Will take any job if the price is right.
  Angelfish:  Weapon master/martial artist.  Natural combatant.  Uses guns and knives.
  Gargoyle:  Shapeshifter who turns into a monstrous reptilian low-grade brick.
  Hardbody:  Brick.  Nearly indestructible.
  Mustang:  Speedster/brick/martial artist.  Brawler.
Mindshredder:  Mentalist serial killer.
Rampage:  Brick.  Strong, gets stronger as he gets angry.  A child's mind in a brute's body.  Strongest being on the planet.
Roar:  Cat-themed mercenary villans and thieves.
  Bengal:  Brick.  Tiger powers.
  Cheetah:  Speedster.
  Leopard:  Weapon master cat-man with two blades.
  Puma:  Animalistic brawler in the mold of Wolverine.
The Serpent Squad:  Snake-themed mercenaries and thieves.  Originally gathered by the Children of Set for a scheme, they stayed together afterward.  Rivals of the Serpent Syndicate, naturally enough.
  Anaconda:  Brick.  Specializes in squeezing her opponents.
  Copperhead:  Metamorph who can stretch his arms and legs.
  King Cobra:  Bestial scrapper who can spit poison.  Snake man.
  Viper:  Energy blast with a poison touch.  Martial artist.
The Serpent Syndicate:  Snake-themed mercenaries and thieves.
  Diamondback II:  Martial artist snake-man with heightened reaction time and agility.  Has a venomous bite.
  Naga:  Weapon master/martial artist who uses a sword and shield.  Worshipper of Shiva-Naga, an aspect of the Hindu god of destruction.
  Python:  Metamorph/brick.  Ancient Greek monster in human form.
  Rattlesnake:  Energy blast with vibration powers.
  Sidewinder:  Speedster/martial artist who can teleport.  Has snake-scales tattooed all over his skin.

Villains Active in Both North and South America

Master Shark:  A shark-man aquatic brick who preys on shipping in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.  Occasionally strikes against waterfront businesses.
The Sinister Circle:  A group of mystically-inclined villains who each get their power from one of a set of magical gemstones.  These guys are evil with a capital EVIL, to the point that even the degenerates in All Hallow's Eve and the Hellfire Club avoid them out of fear.
  Bloodstone:  Energy blaster with "blood control" powers.
  Diamond II:  Energy blaster with force powers.
  Obsidian:  Energy blaster with darkness powers.
  Tourmaline:  Energy blaster with fire powers.

Villains Active in South America

Gravity:  Energy blaster with gravity powers.  Brazilian mercenary villain.  Overconfident and arrogant.
El Grifo Rojo:  "The Red Griffon".  Flying brick in the superman mold.
Temblor:  Mercenary villain with geokinetic powers.

Villains Active in the United States Only

Los Angeles, California
Midnight Edition:  Minor mystic who possesses a camera whose pictures become reality.  Blackmail artist.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Baron Samedi’s Gang:  A criminal organization that in some way is involved in nearly 70% of all criminal operations in New Orleans, Lousiana.  Lots of non-powered agents, down to the street thug level.
  Baron Samedi:  Criminal mastermind.  Rumored to have Voodoo powers.  What is definite is that he is a capoeira maistre.  Ruthless, willing to rape and kill his mother if it gave him an advantage over his rivals.
  Blackwing:  Brick/Martial artist with superhuman hearing, nightvision, and natural sonar.  Wears a costume with glider wings reminiscent of Batman’s costume.
  DeLongis, James:  Low-level brick.  Bodyguard to Baron Samedi.
  Domino II:  Clairvoyant woman who uses Tarot cards to accurately tell the future.  Close advisor to the Baron, and one of the means of his success.
  Katenga:  Knife-wielding assassin employed by Baron Samedi.
New York City
The Brothers Grimm:  Twin brothers.  A pair of free-lance enforcers who mostly work for the Italian mafia in the Northeastern United States.
  Grievous:  Brick
  Harm:  Brick.
Evil Mensa:  A criminal organization active in New York City.  Not taken too seriously, because the members are all kids between 10 and 13 years old, apparently.
  Bruno:  Low-grade brick.  Evil Mastermind’s loyal bodyguard and constant companion.
  The Blank:  Shapeshifting teenager who can make themselves look like anyone.
  ESP:  Mind-reading teenager.
  The Evil Mastermind:  Gadgeteer and leader of the organization.
  Hillary:  The Evil Mastermind’s annoying kid sister.  He hates the fact that his parents insist he let her tag along…
No Fixed Location
Armageddon Girl:  Flying brick in the Supergirl mode.  Former teen sidekick "Astounding Girl" (sidekick of Captain Astounding) in the late 50s/early 60s.  Long-retired from crime-fighting.  She went insane when her entire family was murdered in front of her eyes by the son of one of Captain Astounding's old enemies.  Now she wants the entire world to feel her pain.
Arsenal:  A martial artist/weapon master mercenary assassin.
Blitz:  Female speedster with minor electrical powers.  More selfish, reckless and apathetic about property damage or other people's health than actually evil.
Blitzkrieg:  A group of American neo-nazis.  They are in no way as sophisticated or as tactically able as their European counterpart, Das Neureich.  For the most part, these are super-powered thugs espousing racist hatred for all those they see as inferior to themselves.  Surprisingly, their most frequent clashes have been with the also-racist White Legion.
  The Aryan:  Flying brick in the mold of Superman.  Blonde, blue-eyed, square-jawed.
  Backlash:  Minor brick who can stretch his arms for use as weapons or as strangulation tools.
  Hate:  Animalistic scrapper who loves killing and maiming.
  White Dragon:  Battlesuit wearer.
Bodyshop:  Energy blaster with "body control" powers.  Can reshape human flesh.
Boneyard:  Bone-encrusted brick/weapon master who uses the "extra bones" sticking out of his arms and legs as bladed weapons and throwing weapons.
The Brain Trust:  Supervillain team who commit elaborate schemes for big payoffs.
  Bedlam:  Energy Blaster with ‘chaos energy” powers that effectively amount to probability control and “bad luck infliction”.
  Brainchild:  Super-intelligent mentalist.
  Charmer:  Mentalist with emotional control powers.
  Gauss:  Energy blaster with magnetic powers.
  Harrier:  Female speedster/martial artist with animalistic powers.
  Online II:  Cyberpath capable of controlling computers and machines.
Bulwark:  A terrorist agency with an anti-metahuman, anti-alien agenda.  (They include the apes of Gorilla City in their prejudice as well).  They hunt and kill metahumans.  Sometimes cooperates with Omega.  Their agents have high-tech weapons and body armor, and they sometimes employ Sentinel-like robot soldiers and cyborgs.  What makes them really scary is they are secretly backed by members of the United States government, and secretly financed by government funds that have been “repurposed” by various Bulwark agents at multiple levels of the government.
  Lowell, Cooper:  FBI Assistant Bureau Chief
  Petrie, Stephen:  Federal Judge
  Roberts, Kelly:  US Senator
  Scalia, Antonin:  Supreme Court Justice
  Ventura, Callie:  Special Assistant to the National Security Council
The Crusher Gang:  A small-time band of super-powered smash-and-grab artists.  They play at being big-time supervillains but they're really just small potatoes.
  Crusher:  Brick.  Low-brow tough who thinks he's smarter than he is.
  Hip-Hop:  Brawler and would-be tough guy.  Basically on the low end of the "super-athlete" scale..
  Pulverizer:  Brick.  Even less bright than Crusher, if that can be believed.
Doctor Pain:  Mentalist who can inflict pain in his targets.
The Dove:  Weapon master.  Vigilante killer of criminals.  Serial killer who targets other criminals.
Exiles:  A group of super-powered teenagers and troublemakers who refuse to listen to anyone but themselves.
  Bang:  Speedster
  Bouncer:  Brick whose powers have made him “fat”, but whose fat grants him powers of invulnerability and “bounciness”.
  Chrome:  Brick with metal skin.  Is not a “metal man”, because he isn’t Chrome all the way through.
  Double Dare:  Martial artist who can duplicate into two bodies.
  Icon:  Flying brick.
  Raptor Boy:  Shapeshifter who can turn into a velociraptor.
  Neon:  Energy blaster with light powers.
  Shredder:  Scraooer who can vibrate his body, using his hands like buzz-saws.
  Two-Tall:  Bendy toy.
The Gear Grinders:  Seen as second-tier mercenary supervillains.  This pisses them off a bit.
  Blackhawk:  Martial speedster with eagle powers.
  Dog:  Regenerating brawler with heightened senses.
  Dozer:  Brick, with a construction worker theme.
  Pyro:  Energy blaster with fire powers.
  Sandman:  Metamorph who turns into sand.  Based on the Marvel Comics of the same name.
Glory:  Brick.  Beautiful and sexy assassin for hire who relies on her great beauty to get close to her victims.  Never takes a job to kill a woman.
Gravestone:  Energy blaster.  An assassin for hire who drains heat and life from his targets.  Superhumanly strong in minor levels.
Haze:  Energy Blaster with smoke/haze/mist powers.
The Hierarchy:  An all-mutant band of meta-supremacists who want to overthrow the baselines and make the world a paradise for metahumans.
  Black Beast:  Bestial martial brick with claws and fangs.
  Breeze:  Energy blaster with wind powers.
  Chrysalis:  Energy blaster with "crystal powers"..
  Clobber:  Brick.  Over-muscled hulking brute.
  Cryptic:  Shapeshifter.
  Fatale:  Martial artist who can turn invisible and teleport.
  Mach 5:  Speedster
  Rhino:  Brick with horns.  Move-through specialist.  He's a dwarf, and is often called "Pygmy Rhino", but never to his face.
  Spectrum:  Energy blaster with light powers.
  The Walrus:  Brick.  Very tall, very fat.  Strong, hard to hurt.  Hard to move.
The Lasher:  Weapon-master.  Mercenary supervillain whose costume includes two coiled, steel whips he can use to great effect.
The League of Evil:  A band of supervillains whose leader’s stated goal is the overthrow and takeover of the United States.  Not likely to occur, but the others humor him anyway for the potential loot.
  Black Hole:  Energy blaster with gravity powers.
  The Brain:  Super-intelligent mentalist.
  The Creeper:  Energy blaster with plant-based powers.
  Dragon:  Metamorph who turns into a fire-breathing reptile man.
  Hideous:  Brick whose deformed face is constantly covered by a blank mask.
  Red Devil:  Energy Blaster with fire/heat powers.
M1:  Tank-like, oversized powered armor wearer.  Technology is out of date, but its effective in a brute force way.
Major Magnum:  Martial artist/weapon master who uses pistols.  Assassin for hire.
The Marauders:  Mercenary thieves.
  Facet:   Brick who can turn into "living diamond".  A Golden Age villain still active in the modern day.
  Harbinger:  Energy blaster with "bio-control" powers.  Can make people sick.
  Surge:  Brick.  He grows stronger as his adrenalin level increases.
  Wild Card:  Energy blaster with probability manipulation powers.
The Masters of Mayhem:  A group of superhuman thieves and troublemakers who enjoy destroying property.  Best known for their slaughter of the New England Patriots back in the 80s.
  Black Angus:  Brick.  A “minotaur” with a bull’s head on a human body.
  Guido:  Brick.  A super-strong chimpanzee.
  Kicker:  Brick.  While he is quite strong, his legs are really, really strong.
  The Wrecker:  Brick.  Uses a big iron ball on a chain as a weapon.
  Victor:  Brick.  Strong man who flies.  The longer he fights, the better a fighter he becomes.
Mudpie:  Shapeshifter whose body is made of a malleable mud-like organic clay.
Overdrive:  Brick/speedster.  Female cyborg with an immunity to electricity.
Play Time:  Chaotic, destructive villains themed as comedians.  Casual killers.
  Bongo:  Martial-artist orangutan.
  Harlequin:  Weapon master who uses fencing blades.
  Toybox:  Gadgeteer who uses gimmicked toys.
  Yo Yo:  Weapon master who uses a yo-yo as a weapon.
Push:  Telekinetic mercenary supervillain.
Recluse:  Powered armor wearer.  Armor is spider-themed, and includes four multi-purpose arms on the back.
Render:  Animalistic brick with claws.  Bearlike.
Riplash:  Weapon master/speedster.  Uses a whip.
Screech:  Energy blaster with sonic powers.
Shard:  Brick with a body of diamond.
Small Wonder:  Brick.  An audio-animatronic doll from Disney's "Small World" attraction come to malignant life.
Sniper:  Punisher-style vigilante who uses gym-bags full of guns.  Thinks of himself as a hero, naturally.
Speed Metal:  Speedster.  Heavy metal fan.  Dresses like one.  Low-class thug with powers.
Strobe:  Energy blaster with light powers.  Mercenary.
Throwback:  Brick.  Counter-evolutionary "cave man".  Not very intelligent.
Timber:  Brick.  Wood/plant powers.
Tiny:  Shrinking brick.
Turbo:  Battlesuit wearing energy blaster with wind powers.  Fast flyer.
Vermin:  A Hsax criminal with regeneration powers and telepathic control over rats.  Looks like a ratman.
Whiteout:  Brick/Martial artist with superhuman speed and reaction time.  An albino assassin for hire.